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TyrFil™ Ultra Keeps Automated Equipment Rolling at the QingDao AGV Port

28 Aug, 2017

QingDao AGV Project is the first Automated Operation Port in Asia. Tire failures pose big problems at an automated port because no one is allowed to go inside during operational hours for tire maintenance, resulting in increased downtime. Due to the heavy loads and long operating hours, the QingDao AGV Port was experiencing numerous tire failures, bead cracks and sidewall damage.  These tire failures were also causing damage to the equipment resulting in additional downtime and repair costs. After consulting with Accella Tire Fill Systems and Jiaxing Uniwell Hi-Tech Material, Inc. for a solution to these tire-related problems, the QingDao AGV Port agreed to test TyrFil™ Ultra Flatproofing in 18.00-25 sized tires on the ZPMC Reach Stacker and RGT equipment.

The results were significant. Not only were tire failures eliminated, but there were also several additional benefits of using TyrFil™ Ultra. Since the QingDao AGV Port is battery operated, maximizing battery life is of upmost importance. Rolling resistance is one major culprit of draining a battery.  TyrFil™ Ultra reduces tire deflection which decreases rolling resistance, therefore; increasing battery life and providing easier steering. Additionally, TyrFil™ Ultra provides better breaking ability allowing the AGV Equipment to stop at the right point to receive the container. Lastly, TyrFil™ Ultra offers improved stability and increased shock absorption easing stress on equipment components.

Click here to view detailed testing data and information.

TyrFil™ Ultra is the Solution for Automated Equipment:

  • Eliminates maintenance due to tire failures
  • Promotes safety by eliminating tire blow-outs
  • Improves equipment stability with increased traction
  • Reduces brake-slipping compared to pneumatic tires

QingDao Port Managers were satisfied with the testing results and approved TyrFil™ Ultra to be widely used at the port. The enhanced endurance of a pneumatic tire filled with TyrFil™ flatproofing provides the overall best ROI.

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