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TyrFil Eliminates Premature Tyre Failure and Improves Safety in Iskenderun, the Center of Steel Manufacturing in Turkey

22 Feb, 2017

Iskenderun, the center of steel manufacturing in Turkey, produces pig iron, blooms, billets and reinforcing bars to meet international standards. The steel mills in this area use coke, sinter, blast furnace, steelworks, continuous casting and hot rolling processes for production. One leading steel mill in the area recently completed its Modernization and Transformation Investments (MTI) that had started in 2004, increasing its initial liquid steel capacity of 2.2 million tons/year to 5.3 million tons/year. Also, it installed production capacity of 3.5 million tons/year for flat products, 0.6 million tons/year for coils and 2.5 million tons/year for billets as finished products.

This Iskenderun Steel Mill is running at full capacity and was experiencing significant downtime due to the tyres on their equipment – tyres were failing with 90-percent tread life left.

An Accella Tire Fill Systems distributor, Fkk Guney Oto Lastik Takoz San, was consulted by the steel mill about this major tyre problem. This mill has eight heavy duty machines on site, Scheuerle/Kamag and Paling (Canadian equivalent). These machines feature nine axles and a 315/80R22.5 tyre size with an average life span of 2,500 hours. The original issue on the Paling machines were rim and chassis cracks. When examining the Paling Machine in terms of tyre and rim quality, it was found they may not be as strong as the rim and tyre specifications on the Scheuerle/Kamag machine. The rims are more light-weight and the tyres were standard Michelin X versus XZM on the Scheuerle/Kamag. The rim and chassis problems exposed the fact that the majority of the tyres at this mill were experiencing premature failure.

Fkk Guney recommended TyrFil™ Ultra to solve the premature tyre failure problem. TyrFil is a two component liquid urethane that is pumped into the tyre through the valve stem, replacing all of the air. Then the tyre is pressurized to its operating pressure by using the urethane. The polyurethane liquid then cures into a solid elastomer. Once cured, it protects the tyre from punctures and significantly reduces costs of tyre repair and replacement. With a durometer of 30, TyrFil™ Ultra delivers the highest heat dissipation properties for extreme applications.

Also, TyrFil™ Ultra tyre flatproofing improved safety at the steel mill by ensuring that its personnel are protected against air-filled tyre explosions. Tyre explosions and airborne rim flanges and locking rings can cause severe and sometimes fatal injuries to those in close proximity. Now the steel mill’s management can be confident that TyrFil™ tyre flatproofing will keep their personnel safe from these types of accidents.

TyrFil™ has eliminated premature tyre failure, reduced downtime, and promoted worker safety at this steel mill. TyrFil™ – “it’s what’s inside that counts”. For more information, please visit

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