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Tech Tip: Tire Fill Recycling and replenishing with the Green Machine

12 May, 2014

by Matt Perhacs, ArncoPathway Tech Supervisor, OEM & International

When filling tires with the Green Machine, it is not uncommon for the material in the mixer to unexpectedly run low. This can happen due to the ground urethane (grind) running out or the cavity pump system being run too quickly for the amount of incoming material. This can cause unwanted air pockets to be injected into the tire.

To prevent this issue, or in the case that it has already begun to happen, the following is a quick, easy trick to replenish the material in the mixer and prevent any additional air from entering your filled tire.

1. If using an air water valve and with the machine stopped, push down the plunger on the fluid gun and begin to thread the valve core in just enough to hold the plunger in place. This will prevent any additional air and material from entering the tire during the next step.

If using the Green Machine’s pipe or needle injector valve, simply close the ball valve.

2. Next, open the drain valve on the material line just beyond the progressive cavity pump and place a waste container underneath.

3. Run the system on your desired mix setting, making sure that your cavity pump speed is not too high.

4. Your green machine will now pump out any trapped air through your drain valve, and fill the mixer back up to an adequate level with material.

5. Once this is done, stop the machine, close the drain valve and remove the valve core from the tire valve once again or, open the necessary ball valve if applicable.

You can now start your machine and have the proper amount of material flowing without any additional air entering your filled tire.


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