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Tech Tip: Proper Tire Flatproofing Pressurization

7 Sep, 2012

Proper pressurization during the polyfill process is essential to ride, wear, and longevity of the tire.

Your Manager or Salesman brings you a tire and says “fill it”. As a Certified Polyfill Processor the first question to ask is:

When do you expect it back?

Most likely you will hear in that familiar voice “I need it Yesterday”

This is when you get that rare opportunity to throw the ball back in their court by respectfully remind them the tire needs to stretch for 24 hours at max psi before processing. After you get that look, you know the one, the next question to ask is:

What pressure should the tire be filled?

Because proper pressurization critical to the performance of the tire and fill, the salesman should ask the customer questions based on this criteria.

Factors to Consider When Determining PSI

  • The weight of the equipment including total weight of the fill
  • The Maximum load carried
  • The max speed and distance in the application
  • Tire size and ply rating

Add the total equipment weight and maximum carried load. Pressurize to the Manufacturers recommended psi based on the total weight & tire ply rating. Note Application Exceptions: high pressure e.g. extended boom, underground mining. Max tire pressure should be used.

ecofil should be max tire pressure + 10%

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