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Tech Tip – Cold Weather Changes Tire Flatproofing Cure Times

4 Sep, 2012

The Golden Rules Is To Keep Everything Warm!
This includes the tires and wheels. 80% of the problems reported during winter are linked to low temperature curing conditions.

Buy a thermometer and measure temperatures.
Be sure the material is at least 72°F before filling the tires. The average shop temperature during the winter is about 55°F. At this temperature, a minimum of 4 days curing time is required (see chart below).

Order ahead.
Don’t wait until you run out. Material gets cold during shipping. Ordering ahead of time will ensure that your material will arrive and have time to reach room temperature. Newly received material needs to warm up. Cold material placed in a warm room may require several days to reach the proper temperature. Also, cold material is thick, slow to pump and will not blend properly because of the drop in velocity through the mixing tube. Turning up the heat during processing will not heat the material quick enough.

Keep the flatproofed tires warm during the curing cycle.
Again, a temperature of 72 °F is necessary for curing. In order for the samples to be accurate they must stay with the tires. Check the samples daily and note their progress. Careful control of temperature will minimize cold weather flatproofing problems. Without a sufficient cure, you can’t be confident of the tire’s performance. The warmer – the better


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