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Logging additional tire life with #Tire Fill in Forklifts

8 Sep, 2014

After having downtime from flat tires that required section repairs, saving money and increasing productivity was the reason the owner of this Taylor Forklift in the Southeast specified Tire Fill.  At this logging transfer station, the forklift can actually grab the entire truckload of logs in one operation.

Drive Tires:  37.5-39

Steer Tires:  21.00-25

TLC maintains correct tire pressure on large forklifts!

1 Nov, 2013

Bearcat Tyres in Australia has been using Arnco’s TLC product since 2010. One of the first applications was to solve the problem of high pressure leaks for a fleet of large container forklift trucks. Each forklift was fitted with 6 pieces of 18.00 – 25 40 ply Ceat L-4S smooth tread tyres 4 tyres on the drive and 2 tyres on the steer, operating at 145 PSI air pressure.

The big problem at the railhead was the tyres were getting high pressure leaks and tyre pressure was dropping to 110 – 120 PSI as the personnel were not checking air pressure regularly and the tyres were becoming overloaded and the heat generation from this low pressure, internal air pressure during the hot summer months of 40 – 45 degrees C were as high as 185 PSI. The area that these trucks are operating are on pavers and one way travel is 1.2 kilometers so the distance traveled is large.

Thanks to Arnco’s TLC, this fleet of large forklifts are no longer leaking air and proper tire air pressure is maintained.

40,000 Earthmover Tires later – still Flatproofing Loader Tires in Australia!

15 Mar, 2013

Having filled his first set of tires over 30 years ago, Richard Blacker of Bearcat Tyres (now part of Cammoplast Solideal) reckons his company and their dealer network have filled over 40,000 Earthmover tires since 1982. “from size 14.00-24 up to 45/65-45, we have filled them all and not once have we had an issue with a differential, final drive, or even a gearbox”

Bearcat continues to use both RePneu and SuperFlex Arnco Tire Flatproofing on just about every brand of Loaders including Caterpillar, Komatsu, Hyundai, Kawasaki, Volvo, Manitou, and Hitachi

Pictured: Cat 993 Wheel Loader

Arnco announces IPad winner at MINExpo in Las Vegas!

17 Oct, 2012

Congratulations to Tim Saylor with Connie Saylor & Associates for winning an IPad from Arnco!

During the Minexpo in Las Vegas last month, Arnco conducted two full days of presentations for its Mining product, TLC (Tire Lube & Conditioner). Each attendee was entered to win a free IPad.

If you have not seen Arnco’s video for TLC, please visit Arnco’s youtube channel

Pictured: Tim Saylor with Arnco Representative, Chuck Capps

Arnco Upgrades Berea Production Facility

12 Oct, 2012

Plant’s improvements boost productivity 40 percent and produce significant energy savings.

South Gate, CA – Arnco, one of the world’s largest suppliers of specialty polyurethane products, announces numerous upgrades to its’ industry-leading production facility in Berea, Ohio.

“Arnco has always been known for our fast turnaround and excellent customer service,” said Joe Negrey, Arnco’s Vice President of Operations. “The improvement in capacity, sustainability and efficiency to our Berea factory allows us to grow along with the needs and demands of our customers as well as our sustainability efforts.”

To achieve this increase in production capacity, Arnco invested more than $500,000 and, over an 18 month period, installed new equipment and implemented a more streamlined manufacturing protocol. In addition, as a result of increasing demand for Ecofil–Arnco’s eco-friendly tire flat proofing product–an emphasis was placed on doubling that line’s production capacity.

The commitment to best practices also included total efficiency – optimizing all the resources involved in manufacturing. Daily energy usage at the Ohio plant was also decreased by implementing several innovative measures. Some of the highlights are:

  • The facility’s air compressor was replaced with a variable speed drive unit that reduces energy consumption 35 percent.
  • Climate control is 40 percent more efficient with a radiant heating system and giant ceiling fan.
  • An upgrade to LED lighting plus replacing existing skylights makes illumination 70 percent more efficient.

berea_plant_257-300x200 (1)

Arnco’s plant has undergone several changes over the years in an effort to increase it’s energy efficiency and create a better work environment.

With all these additions Arnco proves that you can indeed make more while using less. The additional benefit is a more employee-friendly work space. All these factors go hand in hand with Arnco’s dedication to the valued members of its’ team and the adoption of the motto “reduce, reuse, recycle”.

Established in 1972, Arnco is an employee owned company with headquarters in South Gate, California, and production facilities in South Gate, CA, Berea, OH, and Manchester, England.

Tech Tip – Safety First! Basic rules to follow

17 Sep, 2010

Follow safety regulations

Whenever you are foam filling a tire with Arnco Tire flatproofing products there are several safety regulations that should always be followed.

  1. Always wear safety goggles and chemically resistant gloves.
  2. The tire being filled should always be put into an approved tire safety cage.
  3. When filling a tire don’t turn your back on it for an extended period of time and never leave the pumping area while the pump is on.

Possibly the most important thing you need to remember is to make sure the tire itself is venting properly. If air is trapped in the tire then pressure can build rapidly causing the tire to rupture violently.  There are two ways to check if a tire is venting.

  1. The easiest is to hold your hand over the needle used to vent the tire during the final stages of the pumping process.  If you can feel air coming out of the needle then the tire is venting properly.
  2. The second way is to use the pressurization gauge.  If you are not sure that the air is being released.  Stop pumping and check gauge.  If there is no pressure buildup then you are ok.

If you cannot feel air venting or if there is a buildup of pressure use a drill to bore out the vent hole and check the vent needle itself for blockage.

Filling tires is not a “no-brainer process” and pressurizing a tire with Arnco is not the same as pressurizing a tire with air.  When pressurizing a tire with air, doubling the amount of air will double the pressure.  However, it may take only one stroke of the pump to produce 100 psi of liquid pressure in small tires.  The pumping system can create pressures higher than the burst pressure of many tires and wheel assemblies.  Extreme caution should be used when inflating tires with liquid or air.

Follow these rules to have a safe day at work.