Safe Operating Procedures

technician-badgeSafety should be your number one priority. Tire flatproofing is a precision process and should only be performed by an Accella Tire Fill Systems Certified Technician. Below are resources to help you promote safety in your tire fill processing rooms.  Also, we have a knowledgeable Global Technical Support Team who can assist you with questions relating to safe operating procedures and can provide flatproofing technician training.

Flatproofed tires must be processed correctly to provide the customer with the maximum benefits of no flat tires, full tire life, consistent internal pressure, no rim slippage, improved safety, proper tire flex, cost savings, and retreadability.

The tire flatproofing process includes the following steps:

  • Inspecting tires and wheels for defects
  • Pre-stretching the tire carcass overnight
  • Pumping material through the valve stem into the tire replacing all of the air
  • Pressurizing the tire to the recommended inflation pressure
  • Curing at the proper time and temperature to insure optimum filled tire performance


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