TyrFil vs. Solid Tires


Solid Shock Can Damage Your Crews and Your Equipment!

Learn more at NoMoreSolidShock.com

Learn more at NoMoreSolidShock.com

The impact of G-Force vibration while operating industrial equipment is not only a major source of wear and tear on machines, but it is the leading cause of operator injuries. One example is Whole Body Vibration (WBV). WBV can cause fatigue, back pain, and spinal damage, leading to increased worker compensation claims. But TyrFil was designed for operator safety so it transfers the lowest G-Force vibration of all tire flatproofing systems, significantly reducing WBV. G-forces can also cause instability when going over obstacles, which can also trigger costly accidents.

We tested tires filled with TyrFil against air-filled pneumatic and solid tires to gauge the shock absorption of each. Watch what happens!

Case Studies

Construction Foremen Request TyrFil on Rental Equipment for Improved Safety and Traction
Waste Transfer Station Saves $100,000 on Tire Expenses by Swapping Out Solid Aperture Tires for Tire Fill

There are a number of tire flatproofing systems, but why not choose the only one that offers improved performance, promotes safety and offers choice: Tyrfil?

Improves Performance

  • Maintains a high heat resistance profile
  • Runs faster for longer periods of time
  • Lowers G-force transmission

Promotes Safety

  • Less operator fatigue
  • Increased vehicle stability
  • Less vibration

Offers Choice

  • Multiple durometer, tread pattern and pressure options

Additionally, TyrFil is the most cost-effective tire flatproofing system.

  • Acquisition costs are lower compared to alternative flatproofing systems.
  • Tire can be retreaded up to four times with no loss of performance.
  • Wheel can be reused.
  • Less stress on machine components, reducing wear and tear on rims, chassis, suspension, and transmission.
  • Reduced maintenance costs – axels, brakes, and mechanical parts.
  • Higher heat resistance profile than solid tires and is able to ride continuously at 35 mph – increasing productivity and extending tire life.

Last but not least, TyrFil is the only environmentally responsible choice.