TLC Tire & Rim Protection

Logo_TLC_color_vertFlat tires, premature wear, and downtime costs make the cost of tires one of the most expensive parts of owning and operating equipment. With this in mind, TLC has been formulated specifically to reduce these costs by extending tire and wheel life, enabling easier wheel dismounting, and early detection of potentially dangerous cracked wheels. Watch this video to see how TLC promotes safety, reduces downtime, and extends the life of your OTR tires and rims.

No matter what the average operating ambient temperature, there is a TLC product specifically formulated to perform from lows of -40° F to +20° F (-40° C to -6° C) .

  • TLC HT – (20° F / -7° C)
  • TLC PRO – (0° F / 18° C)
  • TLC EXTREME – (-20° F / -29° C)
  • TLC TUNDRA – (-40° F / -40° C)

* For international markets, TLC formulas are also available in a concentrate.

Tire and Rim Protection

TLC Tire & Rim Protection extends the life of your tires and wheels. When using TLC, you can be confident that your wheels will be protected from rust and corrosion while working in the harshest conditions. Additionally, TLC’s double lubricant will clean rusting rims, making it easier to remove tires from wheels therefore lowering labor costs.

TLC will also preserve your original tire liner. This product reduces your costs by keeping the tires running cooler, extending the life of the tires. Experience the TLC Difference:

Rim Without TLC


Rusty wheel and components
Reduced hours on the wheel and tires
Added downtime and operating costs
Safety hazard

Rim With TLC


Tires run cooler
Clean wheels reduce labor
Increased hours on the wheel and tires
Reduced downtime and operating costs
Increased safety

To determine the amount of wheel conditioner required for your tires, please consult the TLC Volume Application Chart.

Benefits at a Glance

      • Increases tire and wheel life
      • Cools tire by 10-20° F
      • Saves casings for recapping
      • Prevents and eliminates rust and corrosion
      • Contains twice the lubricant compared to similar products
      • Lubricates rims for easier dismounting
      • Contains no flammable components, eliminating risk in retreading
      • Will not block valve stems
      • Designed specifically for large tires on heavy-duty equipment
      • Environmentally friendly

TLC Outperforms in the Toughest Conditions!

With 20% More Active Ingredients, Our Special Formulation Beats the Competition!


TLC Freeze Test

Both products were subjected to below freezing temperatures of -10 degrees Fahrenheit for over 6 hours. The competitor’s product froze solid within 1 hour. The TLC formulation DID NOT freeze!


TLC Coating Test

Compared to the competition, TLC’s superior coating ability prevents rust on the entire wheel, extending tire and wheel life. In addition, our increased coating protection now makes it even EASIER and SAFER to dismount tires!

What Our Customers Are Saying:

“Using TLC made dismounting tires easier and safer as very little effort is now required to separate the bead from the wheel.”

“TLC allowed us to identify an extremely slow leak in a cracked wheel which allowed us to replace it before it failed.”

“TLC’s lubrication extends the life of the liner and bead area.”

Where Can I Get It?

Certified TyrFil Dealers are located throughout the United States and Canada. They are equipped and trained to help you with your flatproofing needs. Find a TyrFil Dealer near you!

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