Accella TyrFil™ Production—Helping to Fuel the American Economy

20 Jun, 2018

Remember the past 150 years in our nation’s history?  The United States of America was built on domestic industry and manufacturing.  Our factories literally provided the technological muscle, equipment and backbone that supported our infrastructure growth, mastered the automobile assembly line, took us through two World Wars, led to our eventual exploration of space, and helped our country to become a strong international leader.  It’s this spirit of innovation and development that’s at the very core of I Make America, the flagship domestic production advocacy program of the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM).  I Make America is a grassroots campaign wholly conceived and operated by the Association to support and crusade for policies that support manufacturing jobs and help America’s equipment producers more effectively compete on a global level.

The I Make America initiative, which Accella Tire Fill Systems is proud to support, educates businesses, investors, employees and governments around the globe about the role that U.S.-based manufacturing plays in helping to propel forward the technology and product-driven aspects of our growing international economy.  Every day, manufacturers in multiple industries across America are hard at work to make products that the world needs to sustain businesses, feed and clothe world populations, advance technology and protect our millions of global citizens.  In our international economy, equipment and new products of every make, shape and material are produced right here in our domestic factories and sent to every corner of the globe.  The U.S. has 12.5 million manufacturing jobs, accounting for 8.5 percent of the domestic workforce.  One in four manufacturing jobs depend on the production of materials and equipment that are specifically developed in America, and then exported and distributed overseas—emphasizing the essential role that trade plays in the health of U.S. industry.

One of the hallmarks of the Accella Tire Fill Systems brand, which proudly manufactures and markets a comprehensive, end-to-end line of tire productivity technologies (including our TyrFil™ polyurethane flatproofing material, TLC Tire and Rim Protection™ line, ReSeal™ protective tire sealant, and the Carefree Tire™ line designed for material handling, landscaping, and medical mobility equipment), is that our products are developed right here in the USA.

Accella Performance Materials, our parent company, has nine manufacturing facilities in America, and our tire flatproofing and productivity products are developed at two of those plant locations in Chattanooga, TN and Berea, OH.  We take pride in creating and maintaining hundreds of domestic jobs – ranging from positions in the science/R&D lab, to the factory floor, to the shipping deck, to the front distribution office.  Our materials handling protocols are among the most stringent in the industry.

Another thing that makes American manufacturing great is the way that, as a nation, we’ve interwoven technological advancement with the protection of our greatest national resources. This includes committing to the creation of eco-friendly technologies that help to lower carbon footprint emissions and preserve our land, our parks, and the beauty of everything that is in this country that we share.  One example, is our Accella Recycling Technology that not only eliminates the environmental impact of sending used polyurethane and rubber to the landfill, but also reduces up to 75% of the petrochemicals used in traditional tire filling methods. At Accella, “green” practices are also central to everything we do as a brand and it’s just another way that we support the mission of responsible manufacturing.  We proudly join together with our Accella employee teams to embrace a culture of sustainability that is embedded across our company—and throughout every tier of our manufacturing protocols.

Another reason that Accella supports the AEM’s I Make America commitment lies in our organization’s deep belief in nurturing and developing a “people first” ethos.  By creating honorable living wages for Americans working across our U.S.-based facilities, we, in turn, foster a pay-it-forward philosophy rooted in technology innovation supported by responsible domestic employment.  It’s a corporate culture that benefits all concerned.

According to Accella Tire Fill Systems Vice President, Joe Negrey:  “Accella has always espoused a ‘Made in America’ mantra. Our products and technology are developed and manufactured locally, and deployed to regions across the globe.  But ultimately, for every new product that we innovate and develop, it’s our people that come first.  Our employee teams are the number one asset of our company.  We are proud to support the economic infrastructure of the communities we serve and happy to be able to bring sustainable products to market that keep our environment, and families, safer.”

Our Tire Fill division, which focuses most prominently on the production of our branded TyrFil™ flatproofing technology (commonly referred to in the industry as “foam fill”) for the construction, mining, waste management, agri-business and military sectors, is committing additional resources annually to bolstering our domestic facilities.

Adds Negrey: “For example, our Berea, OH plant location houses tire fill product research, development, manufacturing and technical support under one roof.  The plant features 112,000 square feet of office space and 14 acres of manufacturing space – ideal for accommodating large mixing stations for tire fill material, along with the testing labs and the physical space needed to manage a comprehensive quality control protocol.”

Through our continued commitment to generate world-class facilities like the Berea plant operation, Accella maintains its goal of driving both innovation and providing job “sustenance” to the local communities that we support – and that support us.  Adds Negrey: “We are proud to drive the growth of domestic manufacturing and help solidify the role that U.S. managed-product development plays in bolstering the broader national economy. The future for our space—the employees and careers that we’re committed to nurturing, and the business sectors for which we hope to continue to play a vital role—looks very bright, especially as the applications for polymer-based technology continues to increase.  We’re proud to be contributing to the more than $2.25 trillion dollar American manufacturing industry.”

To learn about the AEM’s I Make America program and discover more about the ways that Accella Tire Fill System and the Accella family of brands is helping to support localized manufacturing, please visit www.IMakeAmerica.com and the Tire Flatproofing and Productivity Applications portal of our website, as well as our corporate web destination at www.AccellaCorp.com.


Accella Tire Fill Systems is the Only Manufacturer Offering a Comprehensive Tire Protection and Flatproofing Product Line

22 May, 2018

Accella Tire Fill SystemTM is pleased to showcase our branded TyrFil™ product line at the helm of our suite of tire protection and flatproofing offerings. However, our wide range of tire protection and productivity solutions certainly doesn’t end there. AccellaTM is the only manufacturer in the industry to provide an integrated spectrum of tire productivity offerings – ranging from our polyurethane tire fill solution, to our wheel conditioner line designed to ward off rust and corrosion, to our high tenacity, made with Dupont™ Kevlar® industrial grade sealant, and even including our micro-cellular polyurethane light-weight Carefree Tire line.

For the past four decades, our science and R&D teams have been committed to bringing truly innovative, gold standard solutions to the construction, mining, agriculture and other industries where business success is reliant on the superior operation of OTR heavy equipment. Our product brands have been trusted to improve safety and increase productivity in demanding OTR applications in over 65 countries.

TyrFil™ Flatproofing

Accella TyrFil™ Flatproofing, also commonly referred to in the industry as “foam fill,” delivers a patented polyurethane formulation that can be easily pumped into any pneumatic tire through the valve stem to replace air and cures into a solid elastomer material that eliminates flat tires. Not only does this flatproofing solution keep tires using TyrFil™ in the field longer, it also offers a significantly more comfortable and less bumpy ride for Off-the-Road equipment operators (versus the “solid shock” and rougher ride typically associated with solid aperture tire use), but it also reduces premature equipment damage. Polyurethane-filled tires simply cause less wear, tear and denigration to vehicle axles and physical structures. TyrFil™ has also been tested and proven to transfer substantially lower g-force impact than solid tires, making it the safer choice for equipment operators.

All of this translates to less downtime and more productivity for foremen and field managers working in the multiple industries who rely on the performance and integrity of their equipment. Equipment outfitted with tires using TyrFil™ flatproofing can easily glide over rough terrain without damage. Sharp rocks, glass and even spiky rebar are no match for TyrFil™ flatproofing, which is virtually resilient to punctures and significantly reduces costly equipment and tire damage. This solution also delivers a strong advantage to industrial operators in many essential commercial fields—such as construction and mining—that are often exposed to extreme weather, fluctuating on-site temperatures, and varied work site conditions.

But while it may be well known that Accella Tire FillTM is synonymous with polyurethane fill flatproofing, many in our industry may not be aware that AccellaTM uniquely also offers a full suite of tire protection solutions. While our two component liquid urethane is a prominent element in our product line- up, AccellaTM also offers a variety of products to safeguard against a wide range of potential tire problems and sources of deterioration.

TLC Tire and Rim Protection™

AccellaTM’s TLC Tire and Rim Protection™ conditioner helps to prevent corrosion for longer tire life, easier tire changes, reduced downtime and costs, and overall safer operation. TLC acts as a coolant – conditioning the wheel and coating the inside of rims to protect them from rust and deterioration, making it especially beneficial for equipment operators working in the mining and related industries. AccellaTM’s tire and rim protection offering was determined by independent field testing to be highly effective in reducing corrosion, with the end result of extending tire life and safeguarding against premature tire failure.

Offering the best continual vapor dispersion to extend the life of both tires and rims, TLC’s advanced rust-inhibiting technology delivers superior resistance against corrosion even in the most extreme weather conditions, available in freeze protection levels from 20° F to -40° F.

Plus, TLC formulas are non-toxic, non-flammable and non-hazardous – making them the most comprehensive and versatile form of wheel and rim corrosion protection in the tire industry.

ReSeal™ Tire Protection

ReSeal™ industrial strength tire sealant is a cost-effective, non-hazardous, and military-grade tire sealant (featuring Dupont™ Kevlar® —a durable, high tenacity fiber that is 5X stronger than steel and is used in bullet proof vests) designed for light-weight tire protection for equipment operating in harsh conditions.

ReSeal’s industry-leading rust protection stops expensive wheel and rim replacements. It is formulated with rust and corrosion inhibitors, and includes a pH buffer that reduces the risk of algae build-up, making for easy dismounting and tire replacement.

ReSeal™ is also ideal for use with larger tires and heavy-duty equipment. Because it’s easy to use, it is applicable for many off-road applications including all-terrain, waste management, landscaping, ground support, mining operations, agriculture, construction, and military. Additionally, our ReSeal™ formulations can be applied safely in retread tires.

Carefree Tire™

Our lightweight, durable Carefree Tire™ line provides an “air cushioned” ride without adding any significant weight, delivering the assurance and durability of a solid tire with the performance of a pneumatic tire. Carefree Tires are designed specifically for the following industries: medical/mobility, construction small equipment, landscaping and gardening, and hand-operated industrial and commercial equipment.

Carefree Tire’s innovative process of manufacturing is specifically designed to create a tire that has a durable, non-porous outer elastomeric skin with a high-density cellular core consisting of trillions of trapped air cells. Carefree’s design (a flexible, but tough outer skin with a firm tread area) delivers superior resistance to abrasion, cutting, punctures, and chemical attack. The product’s dense micro-cellular core reduces rolling resistance and allows for greater shock absorption. Carefree Tires will last four to 10 times longer than similar pneumatic tires, while still delivering remarkable ease of mobility.

On behalf of all of us at Accella Tire Fill SystemsTM, we invite you to get to know the full depth of our tire productivity and protection solutions – and visit a dealer in your area to obtain more information. We value your partnership and patronage and look forward to continuing to offer truly gold standard tire solutions for the many industries we serve.

Putting the “Green” in our Machine: How TyrFil™ Recycling Processing Equipment Is Changing the Category

7 Nov, 2017

It’s easy for businesses across the commercial spectrum to make a green claim these days.  After all, most operators in the manufacturing field at least think favorably about environmental causes.  But it’s another thing to act favorably by putting globally responsible, eco-friendly practices into play in a way that’s truly integrated across the business infrastructure.  That’s what we are striving to do each and every day here at Accella Tire Fill Systems.  It’s a philosophy that’s deeply ingrained in our heritage and in our company mission – and we take it very seriously.  We believe that we owe it to our valued customers, OEMs and aftermarket dealers and the entities they serve to continually rethink and implement new and better sustainable practices across our supply chain.

Accella Tire Fill Systems, along with our parent company, Accella Performance Materials, is trying to do our part to help a decades old chemical and industrial space evolve at the speed of 21st century innovation.  Our industry manufactures and markets polymer based products and technologies that the commercial sector needs to successfully drive the economy, but these technologies must be produced with care.  We all have a collective responsibility to ensure responsible materials handling at all times.  And it is incumbent on companies such as ours to lead the way in the adoption of ecologically sounds protocol that can, and do, have a measurable impact on the health of our Planet.

That is why we have made it a priority to develop signature recycling technology and equipment that our network of OEMs and aftermarket dealers can trust.  Our TyrFil™ Recycling Processing Equipment – the AutoFil Machine and Green Machine – offers the only flatproofing solution with a Closed-Loop System that reduces carbon footprint and saves on production costs.  Our Recycling Processing Systems significantly reduce the environmental impact of traditional Tire Flatproofing by:

  • Recycling and using up to 65% post-consumer tire fill
  • Eliminating up to 65% of the petrochemicals (including oil) normally required to fill an Off-the-Road (OTR) tire
  • Keeping used tire fill out of landfills and eliminating landfill disposal fees

Our commitment to bringing equipment systems like these to market began nearly 50 years ago.  In 1971, TyrFil™, the world’s first polyurethane tire fill material intended to flatproof tires, was invented.  As the industry leader in tire flatproofing, Accella Tire Fill Systems has made providing environmentally supportive products a long-term strategic business priority.  As part of this commitment, we are now the only tire fill manufacturer in the industry to offer recycling processing equipment.  This equipment has made it possible to keep more than 150 million pounds of tire fill out of landfills.

Our AutoFil and Green Machine Recycling Processing Equipment mixes virgin TyrFil™ with either used tire flatproofing, crumb rubber, or even previously mixed materials, eliminating the environmental impact of sending used polyurethane and used rubber to the landfill.  By using the Recycling Equipment with TyrFil™ EcoFil (which offers a water-based fill and recycled material), Accella is helping to greatly reduce petrochemical production and waste by 75% of what has been traditionally used in tire flatproofing applications.  We call this putting the “green” into our machine—and it’s an offering that is unique to Accella science and technology.

In addition to a reduction in the use of oil, Accella Tire Fill also successfully repurposes recyclable material to breathe new life for discarded materials as part of our flatproofing solution.  Our AutoFil and Green Machine systems have been field-proven for more than a decade to meter and mix controlled amounts of virgin liquid tire fill and granulated tire fill to a homogenous TyrFil™ flatproofing mixture that fills the tire exactly the same as virgin liquid tire fill.  Typical materials used include 1) granulated recycled fill, 2) rubber crumb, and 3) rubber crumb and recycled fill mix.

Additionally, Accella’s AutoFil and Green Machine technology helps to safeguard against the practice of “chunking.”   Chunking is the term used to describe filling tires with “chunks” of used tire fill, and then filling the remainder of the tire with virgin tire fill.  When chunking, there is no adherence to standardized practices, consistency, or tire fill process control.  The result is that the overall tire performance remains inferior compared to a properly filled tire.  Plus, these ill-advised practices, once commonplace in the industry, can put tires and equipment – and most importantly – heavy equipment operators at risk.

We are pleased and proud that our eco-friendly technology is at work in the industry to create a more effective, reliable, and truly sustainable solution.

Please click here to learn more about Accella’s overall green manufacturing commitment.

TyrFil Eliminates Premature Tyre Failure and Improves Safety in Iskenderun, the Center of Steel Manufacturing in Turkey

22 Feb, 2017

Iskenderun, the center of steel manufacturing in Turkey, produces pig iron, blooms, billets and reinforcing bars to meet international standards. The steel mills in this area use coke, sinter, blast furnace, steelworks, continuous casting and hot rolling processes for production. One leading steel mill in the area recently completed its Modernization and Transformation Investments (MTI) that had started in 2004, increasing its initial liquid steel capacity of 2.2 million tons/year to 5.3 million tons/year. Also, it installed production capacity of 3.5 million tons/year for flat products, 0.6 million tons/year for coils and 2.5 million tons/year for billets as finished products.

This Iskenderun Steel Mill is running at full capacity and was experiencing significant downtime due to the tyres on their equipment – tyres were failing with 90-percent tread life left.

An Accella Tire Fill Systems distributor, Fkk Guney Oto Lastik Takoz San, was consulted by the steel mill about this major tyre problem. This mill has eight heavy duty machines on site, Scheuerle/Kamag and Paling (Canadian equivalent). These machines feature nine axles and a 315/80R22.5 tyre size with an average life span of 2,500 hours. The original issue on the Paling machines were rim and chassis cracks. When examining the Paling Machine in terms of tyre and rim quality, it was found they may not be as strong as the rim and tyre specifications on the Scheuerle/Kamag machine. The rims are more light-weight and the tyres were standard Michelin X versus XZM on the Scheuerle/Kamag. The rim and chassis problems exposed the fact that the majority of the tyres at this mill were experiencing premature failure.

Fkk Guney recommended TyrFil™ Ultra to solve the premature tyre failure problem. TyrFil is a two component liquid urethane that is pumped into the tyre through the valve stem, replacing all of the air. Then the tyre is pressurized to its operating pressure by using the urethane. The polyurethane liquid then cures into a solid elastomer. Once cured, it protects the tyre from punctures and significantly reduces costs of tyre repair and replacement. With a durometer of 30, TyrFil™ Ultra delivers the highest heat dissipation properties for extreme applications.

Also, TyrFil™ Ultra tyre flatproofing improved safety at the steel mill by ensuring that its personnel are protected against air-filled tyre explosions. Tyre explosions and airborne rim flanges and locking rings can cause severe and sometimes fatal injuries to those in close proximity. Now the steel mill’s management can be confident that TyrFil™ tyre flatproofing will keep their personnel safe from these types of accidents.

TyrFil™ has eliminated premature tyre failure, reduced downtime, and promoted worker safety at this steel mill. TyrFil™ – “it’s what’s inside that counts”. For more information, please visit www.accellatyrefill.com.

Accella Performance Materials Announces Transition from ArncoPathway to Accella Tire Fill Systems

6 Apr, 2016

Market Leader Leverages 40 Years of Innovative Tire Productivity Technologies to Enhance Global Offering


ST. LOUIS, MO – March 15, 2016 – Two of the world’s most trusted tire fill brands – ArncoPathway and Zeus Tyre Fill – have formally consolidated as Accella Tire Fill Systems, a subsidiary of Accella Performance Materials, a leading manufacturer of polyurethane systems and recycled rubber products. Accella purchased both entities and transitioned operations to the new nomenclature in January of this year. Accella Tire Fill Systems is now the industry’s expert go-to-source for polyurethane tire fill for OEMs, aftermarket tire dealers, and global distributors – delivering superior product performance, along with an industry–leading choice of tire productivity technologies that customers worldwide have come to expect.

ArncoPathway (the result of a 2013 merger between market leaders Arnco and Pathway Polymers) has been the most recognized tire fill innovator, known in the industry as foam fill, since 1971. As the global leader providing cost-effective tire flatproofing solutions for improved safety and productivity, the technology has delivered the reliability required for rigorous military, mining and off-the-road (OTR) applications for the past four decades.

Accella Tire Fill Systems and Accella Tyre Fill Systems GmbH (Europe) now advances this renowned heritage one step further, helping heavy equipment operators – working in industries where product performance is absolutely essential – to eliminate equipment downtime due to flat tires, provide a safer ride for drivers, and deliver a tire solution that is highly sustainable. Accella additionally builds on the customer service-focused ethos that has been a legacy of ArncoPathway. Accella stands alone in the industry as the one global tire fill provider which seamlessly integrates international manufacturing, technical service, and sales support capabilities all under one roof.

Accella Tire Fill Systems will continue to market the widely known TyrFil™ line, and is the only company that also offers other tire productivity solutions such as TLC, ReSeal, and Carefree Tires. Each of these eliminates flat tires and/or offers tire and rim protection.

“Our new name reflects the global presence, product performance and safety record of ArncoPathway and Zeus Tyre Fill, but also leverages the polyurethane systems heritage and extensive technical support network offered by Accella Performance Materials,” said Andy Harris, President and CEO of Accella

Performance Materials. “As we continue to serve three continents with localized, in-market manufacturing and distribution, Accella Tire Fill Systems will continue to scale nimbly to meet the growing needs of our customers and fulfill our promise to be their most trusted source and best overall value for tire productivity solutions.”

Joe Negrey, Vice President of Accella Tire Fill Systems, also commented, “The robust infusion of Accella capital into the brand has led to a new global manufacturing capacity enabling faster product delivery and more R&D muscle that has raised the bar for state-of-the-art tire fill production and service, adding new formulations and equipment to our supply chain.”

For additional information, please visit www.accellatirefill.com.

About TyrFil™

TyFil™, Accella Tire Fill System’s patented tire fill, also known as foam fill, can be pumped into any pneumatic tire to replace air with a resilient, synthetic rubber core that completely eliminates dangerous tire flats in commercial and industrial heavy equipment vehicles. Since TyrFil reduces the need for tire replacement, it directly helps to defray vehicle repair costs and also drastically eases environmental strain by helping to keep whole tire and scrap tire waste – and the unwanted emissions and carbon footprint they create – out of domestic and international landfills. With TyrFil, “it’s what’s inside that counts.”

About Accella Performance Materials

Accella is a leading manufacturer of custom formulated polyurethane systems, and recycled rubber products formed from the strategic combination of Dash Multi-Corp, MarChem, Arnco, Pathway Polymers, Ultimate Systems, RB Rubber, IPS Polymer Systems, Zeus, Premium Spray Products, Coating & Foam Solutions and Burtin Polymer Labs. The polyurethane business is focused on foams, coatings, adhesives, tire fill, sealants and elastomers. The recycled rubber products business manufactures recycled tire crumb, custom colored EPDM granules, custom and rolled matting, equine matting, athletic flooring, playground surfacing and various custom molded products. The company manufactures in nine production facilities across the United States, one in Europe and one in China. To learn more about Accella Performance Materials go to www.accellacorp.com.