Accella Tire Fill Systems, Manufacturer of the Sustainable TyrFil™ Flatproofing, Teams with American Forests to Help Replant California’s Devastated El Dorado Wildfire Area

28 Aug, 2018

Accella has partnered with its dealer and OEM network to donate one new tree seedling for every “one tote” of product purchased

Accella Tire Fill Systems has partnered once again with American Forests, the nation’s longest running non-profit conservation organization, as part of a long-standing collaboration to replant thousands of new trees in our nation’s most devastated fire zones.  This year, as part of its signature “One Tote, One Tree” sustainability campaign, Accella and its customers and dealers will specifically assist with the reforestation of the El Dorado National Forest located in Northern California.

This area, located within the majestic Sierra Nevada mountain and foothill environ west of Lake Tahoe, was especially hard hit by the 2014 King Fire disaster.  By donating thousands of tree seedlings to be replanted, Accella will help reinvigorate the natural beauty and landscape of a beloved tourist destination and favored outdoor recreation spot that has been admired for generations.

For nearly a decade Accella Tire Fill Systems, which manufactures eco-friendly polyurethane fill for pneumatic industrial and commercial tires, has teamed up with American Forests—along with its valued OEMs, aftermarket dealers, and distributors around the world—to plant one new tree for every tote of its tire fill product purchased.  To date, the company’s “One Tote, One Tree” initiative ( has been responsible for the successful replanting of more than 164,000 trees.

On average, the U.S. sees nearly 7 million acres burned per year as a result of wildfire disasters (according to the National Interagency Fire Center), but the 2014 King Fire that devastated the El Dorado National Forest region was particularly tragic.  One of the most ecologically damaging wildfires in California history, this fire burned a total of 97,000 acres, including approximately 17,000 acres of forest that will not recover without outside intervention.

As an area that had already been depleted by a multi-year drought, the El Dorado region was especially vulnerable to tree mortality threats, prior to the fire even beginning.  Mountain pine beetles and blister rust ran rampant throughout the forest, increasing wildfire risk and making the treasured national park highly susceptible to abnormal, extreme-heat fire.  When the King Fire did occur and ranged out of control in the area, the local ecosystem was severely impacted.

Accella Tire Fill Systems reforestation efforts will help accelerate the development of mature forest to meet a broad range of habitat requirements for wildlife, help control erosion, and provide other important ecosystem services.  Explains Accella Tire Fill Systems Vice President Mike Arnold:  “The El Dorado region is richly steeped in Gold Rush lore and has been revered for its incredible wilderness vistas for years by visitors from around the world, attracting two million tourists annually to its rugged mountainous terrain.  Accella’s ‘One Tote, One Tree’ campaign will help enable a regeneration process making it possible for future generations to continue to enjoy the natural beauty of this scenic West Coast mountain region.  We cannot thank our valued dealer and OEM network enough for their continued support with this flagship project.”

“American Forests is so appreciative of Accella Tire Fill Systems’ exemplary commitment to ensuring our forests remain healthy and vibrant,” said Lea Sloan, VP of Communications, American Forests.  “They continue to prove to be a steadfast partner to our organization, consistently demonstrating the great role of corporate responsibility and how it helps us accomplish our timely and critical work.  Accella’s ‘One Tote, One Tree’ program is a perfect example of how a company can include its customers and affiliates in the effort to give back to the environment, in a particularly sustaining manner.”

The commitment to ensuring greater sustainability across the communities it serves is a central mission of the Accella brand.  As the industry’s market leader in tire fill solutions, Accella Tire Fill Systems seeks to bring more eco-friendly solutions to market throughout the global off-the-road (OTR) tire sector.  For more than 45 years, Accella has focused on developing tire flatproofing alternatives (for industrial, construction and mining vehicles and other OTR heavy equipment) that increase comfort, performance and safety, defray operator costs and protect the environment.  The company’s patented TyrFil Flatproofing line may be pumped into any pneumatic tire to replace air with a resilient, synthetic elastomer core, ensures both robust tire performance and helps to prevent more solid tire waste from going into our landfills.

For more information on Accella Tire Fill Systems and the “One Tote, One Tree” campaign, please visit and

About Accella

Accella Tire Fill Systems is a division of The Carlisle Companies.  Accella Tire Fill System’s patented TyrFil™ flatproofing, also known as foam fill, can be pumped into any pneumatic tire to replace air with a resilient, synthetic elastomer core that completely eliminates dangerous flat tires in commercial and industrial heavy equipment vehicles. Since TyrFil™ reduces the need for tire replacement, it directly helps to defray vehicle repair costs and also drastically eases environmental strain by helping to keep whole tire and scrap tire waste – and the unwanted emissions and carbon footprint they create – out of domestic and international landfills.  With TyrFil™, “it’s what’s inside that counts.”

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Accella TyrFil™ Production—Helping to Fuel the American Economy

20 Jun, 2018

Remember the past 150 years in our nation’s history?  The United States of America was built on domestic industry and manufacturing.  Our factories literally provided the technological muscle, equipment and backbone that supported our infrastructure growth, mastered the automobile assembly line, took us through two World Wars, led to our eventual exploration of space, and helped our country to become a strong international leader.  It’s this spirit of innovation and development that’s at the very core of I Make America, the flagship domestic production advocacy program of the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM).  I Make America is a grassroots campaign wholly conceived and operated by the Association to support and crusade for policies that support manufacturing jobs and help America’s equipment producers more effectively compete on a global level.

The I Make America initiative, which Accella Tire Fill Systems is proud to support, educates businesses, investors, employees and governments around the globe about the role that U.S.-based manufacturing plays in helping to propel forward the technology and product-driven aspects of our growing international economy.  Every day, manufacturers in multiple industries across America are hard at work to make products that the world needs to sustain businesses, feed and clothe world populations, advance technology and protect our millions of global citizens.  In our international economy, equipment and new products of every make, shape and material are produced right here in our domestic factories and sent to every corner of the globe.  The U.S. has 12.5 million manufacturing jobs, accounting for 8.5 percent of the domestic workforce.  One in four manufacturing jobs depend on the production of materials and equipment that are specifically developed in America, and then exported and distributed overseas—emphasizing the essential role that trade plays in the health of U.S. industry.

One of the hallmarks of the Accella Tire Fill Systems brand, which proudly manufactures and markets a comprehensive, end-to-end line of tire productivity technologies (including our TyrFil™ polyurethane flatproofing material, TLC Tire and Rim Protection™ line, ReSeal™ protective tire sealant, and the Carefree Tire™ line designed for material handling, landscaping, and medical mobility equipment), is that our products are developed right here in the USA.

Accella Performance Materials, our parent company, has nine manufacturing facilities in America, and our tire flatproofing and productivity products are developed at two of those plant locations in Chattanooga, TN and Berea, OH.  We take pride in creating and maintaining hundreds of domestic jobs – ranging from positions in the science/R&D lab, to the factory floor, to the shipping deck, to the front distribution office.  Our materials handling protocols are among the most stringent in the industry.

Another thing that makes American manufacturing great is the way that, as a nation, we’ve interwoven technological advancement with the protection of our greatest national resources. This includes committing to the creation of eco-friendly technologies that help to lower carbon footprint emissions and preserve our land, our parks, and the beauty of everything that is in this country that we share.  One example, is our Accella Recycling Technology that not only eliminates the environmental impact of sending used polyurethane and rubber to the landfill, but also reduces up to 75% of the petrochemicals used in traditional tire filling methods. At Accella, “green” practices are also central to everything we do as a brand and it’s just another way that we support the mission of responsible manufacturing.  We proudly join together with our Accella employee teams to embrace a culture of sustainability that is embedded across our company—and throughout every tier of our manufacturing protocols.

Another reason that Accella supports the AEM’s I Make America commitment lies in our organization’s deep belief in nurturing and developing a “people first” ethos.  By creating honorable living wages for Americans working across our U.S.-based facilities, we, in turn, foster a pay-it-forward philosophy rooted in technology innovation supported by responsible domestic employment.  It’s a corporate culture that benefits all concerned.

According to Accella Tire Fill Systems Vice President, Joe Negrey:  “Accella has always espoused a ‘Made in America’ mantra. Our products and technology are developed and manufactured locally, and deployed to regions across the globe.  But ultimately, for every new product that we innovate and develop, it’s our people that come first.  Our employee teams are the number one asset of our company.  We are proud to support the economic infrastructure of the communities we serve and happy to be able to bring sustainable products to market that keep our environment, and families, safer.”

Our Tire Fill division, which focuses most prominently on the production of our branded TyrFil™ flatproofing technology (commonly referred to in the industry as “foam fill”) for the construction, mining, waste management, agri-business and military sectors, is committing additional resources annually to bolstering our domestic facilities.

Adds Negrey: “For example, our Berea, OH plant location houses tire fill product research, development, manufacturing and technical support under one roof.  The plant features 112,000 square feet of office space and 14 acres of manufacturing space – ideal for accommodating large mixing stations for tire fill material, along with the testing labs and the physical space needed to manage a comprehensive quality control protocol.”

Through our continued commitment to generate world-class facilities like the Berea plant operation, Accella maintains its goal of driving both innovation and providing job “sustenance” to the local communities that we support – and that support us.  Adds Negrey: “We are proud to drive the growth of domestic manufacturing and help solidify the role that U.S. managed-product development plays in bolstering the broader national economy. The future for our space—the employees and careers that we’re committed to nurturing, and the business sectors for which we hope to continue to play a vital role—looks very bright, especially as the applications for polymer-based technology continues to increase.  We’re proud to be contributing to the more than $2.25 trillion dollar American manufacturing industry.”

To learn about the AEM’s I Make America program and discover more about the ways that Accella Tire Fill System and the Accella family of brands is helping to support localized manufacturing, please visit and the Tire Flatproofing and Productivity Applications portal of our website, as well as our corporate web destination at



23 Apr, 2018

Desiccants come in all shapes and sizes. They come in electronic parts boxes, pharmaceuticals,firearms, jewelry, or in anything that is moisture sensitive. This brings us to the reason why a desiccant is needed on the ISO-side of TyrFil™ Flatproofing products (RED BOTTOM TOTE). The ISO-material is moisture sensitive – meaning if the tote is left exposed to air or goes through temperature changes, the ISO material can actually start to cure on its own without being mixed with the CAT-side (WHITE BOTTOM TOTE). We see this happen when customers call-in and they have a restriction (plugged) hose on the ISO-side. Moisture is the problem – the tote could have been left open, the desiccant had expired or the desiccant was not installed. When this occurs the ISO-side acts as a sponge and attracts moisture. This can contaminate the product and cause the product to react inside the hose causing solidification or crystallization, cause the hose to become brittle and pieces of cured fill could flake off the side of the hose and get into the pump. Depending on the TyrFil Processing Equipment used, it can cause a pump malfunction such as an off-ratio mix of material resulting in product failure and possibly a costly pump repair.

Accella Tire Fill Systems offers a desiccant packaged in an easy to view window. Simply change desiccant when window changes from blue to pink.

By performing this easy preventative maintenance step, you ensure that your Accella TyrFil™ Flatproofing Equipment is ready to process the highest quality product. Call customer service (800) 821-4147 to place an order for the desiccant cartridge (part # EQDESI) and the desiccant holder (part # EQDES-HOLD).

Tire Flatproofing Technology for a Cleaner, Friendlier Planet

22 Mar, 2018

Recently featured in Access International Magazine.

Tires are an integral part of moving industry, and our economy, forward – and they’re absolutely fundamental to a functioning international infrastructure.  Global transportation, of course, wouldn’t be possible without them, nor would the operation of Off-the-Road (OTR) heavy equipment vehicles that facilitate construction, agribusiness, and other essential avenues of commercial development.  But discarded tires, unfortunately, take a heavy toll on the health of our Planet – and that’s why Accella has been committed to engineering polyurethane tire fill products that are environmentally supportive.

Each year, according to the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), an estimated one billion tire carcasses are discarded internationally – clogging landfills around the globe and creating an environmental pollutant that can last for generations.  The U.S. alone generates more than 290 million tires annually, and this “tire trash” is only added to the stockpiles already in our global landfills.  Not only are thrown out tires non bio-degradable, but they are widely considered to be one of most toxic and problematic sources of waste due to the alarming levels of fossil fuels and other raw materials used in their production.

In the tire afterlife, the need for additional landfill square footage to accommodate tire waste can promote mosquito infestation, which, in turn, breeds vector-borne disease.  Moreover, solid tire waste is also highly flammable and at risk of fire danger, which can take days, weeks, months or even years to extinguish.  According to the EPA, “tire fires often become major hazardous incidents affecting entire communities—frequently requiring neighborhood evacuations and long, drawn-out fire extinguishing operations. These fires threaten pollution of the air, soil, and water.”  The EPA further notes that “states, municipalities, and private companies have spent millions of dollars cleaning up tire fires across the country.”  Unfortunately, using water or foam often are futile in trying to extinguish the fires.

Essentially, this issue is a major negative side effect of tire waste.  And, to this end, tire manufacturers, distributors and the retail channel are continually searching for answers to identify an environmentally sound way of disposing scrap tires and creating a sustainable use of natural resources in tire production.

Accella Tire Fill Systems has made it our mission to develop innovative, cost-effective flatproofing tire solutions to the industrial and OTR equipment marketplace that serve the transportation needs of our rapidly evolving global economy, while also simultaneously reducing the environmental, health and economical effects of tire operations and scrap tire disposal.


Our branded TyrFil™ flatproofing technology offers a patented polyurethane tire filling solution (commonly referred to as foam fill) that leads the industry.


 TyrFil™ can be easily pumped into any pneumatic tire to replace air with a resilient, synthetic elastomer core that virtually eliminates flats, to ensure a smoother ride for operators and vastly reduce tire wear, tear and denigration. On the sustainable front, TyrFil™ flatproofing helps to drastically ease environmental strain by helping to keep whole tire and scrap tire waste – and the unwanted emissions and carbon footprint they create – out of domestic and international landfills.

One such example is our TyrFil™ EcoFil line.  Specially engineered, this water-based formula utilizes water in lieu of an oil foundation to successfully flatproof tires.  Because water is readily available and abundant, TyrFil™ EcoFil (available in two different formulations – TyrFil™ EcoFlex with a 15 Shore-A durometer and TyrFil™ EcoFil with a 28 Shore-A durometer) is low-cost, environmentally friendly and safe to use.  TyrFil™ EcoFil differs from standard oil-based flatproofing material in that it is made from a proprietary blend of renewable resources making it a more environmentally responsible product.  It also has a 50% reduced dependency on aromatic oils, is 100% virgin polymer, and utilizes zero fillers.

To learn more about TyrFil EcoFil and the advantages of Accella Recycling Technology, please check out this recent feature article about Accella’s sustainable offerings in the global publication Access InternationalVisit for additional Access Industry information and news.

The positive impacts of the TyrFil™ flatproofing line, highlighted by our water-based TyrFil™ EcoFil solutions, prove that innovation and sustainability can coexist and become a competitive advantage.  Our Accella Technology Team remains committed to advancing our pledge to the industry—and to the many communities and businesses we serve around the world—to continue to develop and bring to market high-performing, sustainable tire fill solutions.

Accella Tire Fill Systems


What Rental Industry Trends Mean for OTR Operators – and Tire Fill Dealers

8 Jan, 2018

Many indicators point to a robust year ahead for the construction space – and this, in turn, is good news for our Accella TyrFil™ dealers, OEMs and end-users.

According to the American Rental Association’s ARA Rental Market Monitor™ five-year forecast, which was updated prior to the holidays, total rental revenue in the American marketplace is anticipated to increase by 4.5 percent in 2018 to reach $51.5 billion, 5.5 percent in 2019, 4.9 percent in 2020 and 4.1 percent in 2021.  This is exciting news for the rental marketplace and also bodes well for the non-residential construction and OTR industries.

According to Construction Business Owner magazine, the “projection is based on underlying economic fundamentals that drive construction business, which in turn drives rental of construction, industrial and general tool and light construction equipment.”  These findings portend various take-aways for construction operators and business managers and, subsequently, for Accella dealers, OEMs and customers.

First, it points to the fact that the economics around equipment rentals are positive – exhibiting performance that nearly doubles the growth rate of the economy (something that’s expected to continue).  These numbers also point to steady projections for gross domestic product (GDP) growth over the next several years in the American market of 2.3 percent in 2017, 2.7 percent in 2018 and 2.3 percent in 2019.

Growth of U.S. construction in 2017 is projected to be 5.9, with the top markets being mines and wells (72.1 percent); manufacturing (9.5 percent); commercial (7.0 percent); residential (4.3 percent); and public education (4.0 percent) – followed in lesser degrees by highways and streets, healthcare and public utilities.

According to Scott Hazelton with the industry intelligence firm HIS Markit, “job growth remains strong, GDP growth is solid, consumer confidence is high and housing continues to improve slowly, although construction spending has been flat.”

Second, tax reform could help to accelerate growth further – but its detailed potential impact, along with the wild card of infrastructure spending, present unknowns that could or could not have significant upside.

Third, the findings of the study indicate that renting continues to provide a more reliable option – for the construction, mining and other OTR-equipment dependent industries.  In the wake of the 2008-2009 financial crisis, many operators turned to rental as a viable alternative.  The financial climate at that time, along with the changes in equipment technology and specialization of equipment, have led to the continued increased desirability of renting.  These trends rely on factors such as the notion that a fleet can be expanded or contracted as needed; access to the latest equipment that may be more safety standard compliant; an overall reduction in capital expenses for budget tight operations; access to equipment that is perhaps more readily maintained and also delivered on-site, etc.

All of the above generally create a scenario for the construction equipment marketplace that shows positive forward-looking growth and an outlook of health for the rental equipment market place overall – and this is all promising for the growth of polyurethane tire fill product applications.

Accella TyrFil™ – the most effective tire flatproofing solution in the world – is the industry’s market-leading polyurethane tire filling solution.  TyrFil™ allows industrial vehicles to operate over broken glass, nails, sharp metal and rocks without the worry of flat tires.  For years, the durability of TyrFil™ has been proven in thousands of industrial applications, most prominently in the mining and construction industries.

When speaking about the rental industry in general, John McClelland, chief economist, for the ARA, has noted:  “People continue to realize the benefits of renting and how it can positively impact the bottom line.  As a result, the equipment rental industry continues to outperform the general economy as well as the industries it serves.”  A similar upside is true regarding the use of polyurethane tire fill – and the operators who opt for this reliable, eco-friendly solution (in place of solid apertures) that will help them to manage their bottom line more effectively, while also helping to better preserve their equipment and providing a smoother flatproofed ride that may reduce Whole Body Vibration exposure.

Overall, TyrFil™ is an economic and ergonomic win-win for operators – and the growth of this technology goes hand in hand with the healthy, sustained growth that the rental equipment sector has witnessed.

Here’s to saluting a strong 2018 economic outlook ahead for both of our industries!

To find a TyrFil™ dealer in your area, please visit us here.

Accella Tire Fill Systems

[Article Sourcing: American Rental Market Monitor and Construction Business Owner Magazine] 

Increase your Tire Flatproofing Know-How at TyrFil™ University

12 Dec, 2017

When it comes to driving sales and increasing product and industry knowledge, it’s never too late to head back to school.  That’s why we established TyrFil™ University – our hands-on training and learning program designed to help our valued polyurethane tire fill dealers increase their annual sales as high as 40 to 65 percent.  Established in 2003, “TyrFil™ U” is guaranteed to help dealers grow their business…and their bottom line.

The program consists of a comprehensive, two-hour interactive presentation led by our TyrFil™ University “Dean” – Mike Fullen, Executive Director of Sales for Accella Tire Fill Systems. The workshop is specifically crafted to provide dealer sales teams with the strategic skills, acumen and confidence to successfully enhance their competitive sell-through – and develop and diversify their customer base.  Additionally, it provides an intimate overview of tire fill’s numerous flatproofing advantages and delivers succinct talking points and messages about the benefits of the technology versus competitive offerings.  The aim:  To ensure that everyone selling TyrFil™ flatproofing out in the field has a detailed knowledge and understanding of the product and the market, so that they can address any product or market inquiry with ease.

Explains Joe Negrey, Vice President of Accella Tire Fill:  “Sales teams who have completed TyrFil U have consistently averaged a strong measurable increase in their annual tire fill sales.  We value our dealer partners immensely and would expect nothing less – we want their experience with our organization, and with our TyrFil™ product, to be rewarding from day one.”

The TyrFil™ U curriculum focuses on everything that an informed field seller would need to know – from the history of the tire fill, commonly known in the industry as foam fill, marketplace, to product and operational logistics, to TyrFil™ materials handling requirements and recommended applications, to the recycling and environmental protection advantages of Accella’s Green Machine and patented AutoFil processing equipment.  The program also addresses the ways that polyurethane tire fill absorbs g-force vibration transmission to reduce exposure to the unwanted effects of Whole Body Vibration (WBV) compared to the alternative, solid aperture tires. Solid aperture tires provide a rougher, bumpier ride known as Solid Shock that may have a negative impact on Off-the-Road heavy equipment operators, as well as their equipment.

Other specific topics discussed at Accella’s TyrFil™ University include:

  • TyrFil™ Flatproofing Product Information
  • Tire Filling Process
  • Evolution of Flatproofing
  • Matching TyrFil™ Products to Applications
  • Tire Pressurization
  • Proper Tire Filling Procedures
  • Weight Estimation Tool
  • Flatproofing Failure Modes
  • Keys to Successful Performance
  • OEM Approvals
  • Recycling Equipment
  • TyrFil™ Flatproofing Markets
  • Sales Support
  • Sales Techniques
  • The TyrFil™ Flatproofing Sale

“Having the proper information in business – as in life – can render game changing results,” adds Negrey.  “We believe it’s absolutely essential to arm our dealers with every available sales tool and element of product knowledge so that when they face a competitive sales pitch, they knock it out of the park.  Our TyrFil™ University program is proven to be highly successful in helping our valued tire fill dealers fuel their business growth and directly spike sales.”

Participation in TyrFil™ U also gives especially new tire fill dealers an overview and introduction to the Accella leadership and technical teams, factory locations, and international customer service support tools and resources.  It also drills deeply into each TyrFil™ offering – including TyrFil™ HeviDuty, TyrFil™ Ultra, TyrFil™ Pro, TyrFil™ Flex and TyrFil™ Premium – and delivers a primer on Accella’s ancillary tire product lines, including our TLC Tire and Rim Protection, ReSeal Tire Protection, and Carefree Tires (micro-cellular polyurethane tires designed for the material handling, medical mobility, and lawn & garden industries).

The interactive presentation also addresses Accella’s protocols surrounding timely tire flatproofing industry issues and discussions. Topics addressed include our brand’s assurances and protocols related to reducing “chunking” practices in our industry, as well as a review of recent field study data regarding the lessened g-force impact of polyurethane tire fill technology.

If you’re an Accella Tire Fill dealer, we know that you won’t want to miss any opportunity to arm your sales team with the toolkit and knowledge they need to maximize sales.  TyrFil™ U provides the ideal forum for everyone within your operation who is selling Accella’s flatproofing technology solution to start capturing and winning new leads and further excelling business growth.  We hope to see you soon in class, and please feel free to refer an industry friend or colleague to this informative program.

For more information of TyrFil™ University, please visit or contact your Regional Sales Manager.

The Accella Tire Fill Team


Putting the “Green” in our Machine: How TyrFil™ Recycling Processing Equipment Is Changing the Category

7 Nov, 2017

It’s easy for businesses across the commercial spectrum to make a green claim these days.  After all, most operators in the manufacturing field at least think favorably about environmental causes.  But it’s another thing to act favorably by putting globally responsible, eco-friendly practices into play in a way that’s truly integrated across the business infrastructure.  That’s what we are striving to do each and every day here at Accella Tire Fill Systems.  It’s a philosophy that’s deeply ingrained in our heritage and in our company mission – and we take it very seriously.  We believe that we owe it to our valued customers, OEMs and aftermarket dealers and the entities they serve to continually rethink and implement new and better sustainable practices across our supply chain.

Accella Tire Fill Systems, along with our parent company, Accella Performance Materials, is trying to do our part to help a decades old chemical and industrial space evolve at the speed of 21st century innovation.  Our industry manufactures and markets polymer based products and technologies that the commercial sector needs to successfully drive the economy, but these technologies must be produced with care.  We all have a collective responsibility to ensure responsible materials handling at all times.  And it is incumbent on companies such as ours to lead the way in the adoption of ecologically sounds protocol that can, and do, have a measurable impact on the health of our Planet.

That is why we have made it a priority to develop signature recycling technology and equipment that our network of OEMs and aftermarket dealers can trust.  Our TyrFil™ Recycling Processing Equipment – the AutoFil Machine and Green Machine – offers the only flatproofing solution with a Closed-Loop System that reduces carbon footprint and saves on production costs.  Our Recycling Processing Systems significantly reduce the environmental impact of traditional Tire Flatproofing by:

  • Recycling and using up to 65% post-consumer tire fill
  • Eliminating up to 65% of the petrochemicals (including oil) normally required to fill an Off-the-Road (OTR) tire
  • Keeping used tire fill out of landfills and eliminating landfill disposal fees

Our commitment to bringing equipment systems like these to market began nearly 50 years ago.  In 1971, TyrFil™, the world’s first polyurethane tire fill material intended to flatproof tires, was invented.  As the industry leader in tire flatproofing, Accella Tire Fill Systems has made providing environmentally supportive products a long-term strategic business priority.  As part of this commitment, we are now the only tire fill manufacturer in the industry to offer recycling processing equipment.  This equipment has made it possible to keep more than 150 million pounds of tire fill out of landfills.

Our AutoFil and Green Machine Recycling Processing Equipment mixes virgin TyrFil™ with either used tire flatproofing, crumb rubber, or even previously mixed materials, eliminating the environmental impact of sending used polyurethane and used rubber to the landfill.  By using the Recycling Equipment with TyrFil™ EcoFil (which offers a water-based fill and recycled material), Accella is helping to greatly reduce petrochemical production and waste by 75% of what has been traditionally used in tire flatproofing applications.  We call this putting the “green” into our machine—and it’s an offering that is unique to Accella science and technology.

In addition to a reduction in the use of oil, Accella Tire Fill also successfully repurposes recyclable material to breathe new life for discarded materials as part of our flatproofing solution.  Our AutoFil and Green Machine systems have been field-proven for more than a decade to meter and mix controlled amounts of virgin liquid tire fill and granulated tire fill to a homogenous TyrFil™ flatproofing mixture that fills the tire exactly the same as virgin liquid tire fill.  Typical materials used include 1) granulated recycled fill, 2) rubber crumb, and 3) rubber crumb and recycled fill mix.

Additionally, Accella’s AutoFil and Green Machine technology helps to safeguard against the practice of “chunking.”   Chunking is the term used to describe filling tires with “chunks” of used tire fill, and then filling the remainder of the tire with virgin tire fill.  When chunking, there is no adherence to standardized practices, consistency, or tire fill process control.  The result is that the overall tire performance remains inferior compared to a properly filled tire.  Plus, these ill-advised practices, once commonplace in the industry, can put tires and equipment – and most importantly – heavy equipment operators at risk.

We are pleased and proud that our eco-friendly technology is at work in the industry to create a more effective, reliable, and truly sustainable solution.

Please click here to learn more about Accella’s overall green manufacturing commitment.

Carlisle Companies Incorporated Completes Purchase of Accella Performance Materials

1 Nov, 2017

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA, November 1, 2017 – Carlisle Companies Inc. (NYSE:CSL) announced today that it has completed the purchase of Accella Performance Materials for $670 million in an all-cash transaction, pursuant to the previously announced purchase agreement with Arsenal Capital Partners.

Accella Performance Materials, a premier specialty polyurethane growth platform with approximately $430 million of annual net sales, is headquartered in Maryland Heights, Missouri. Accella adds a new platform for Carlisle bringing significant revenue and cost synergies to Carlisle Construction Materials (CCM), and creates the opportunity to pursue additional adjacencies within the $15 billion dollar global construction related polyurethane market. The acquisition of Accella contributes to CCM’s well-established strategy of providing customers with high quality, innovative solutions for building envelope applications.

About Carlisle Companies Incorporated
Carlisle Companies Incorporated is a diversified, global portfolio of niche brands and businesses with highly engineered and high margin products. Carlisle is committed to generating superior shareholder returns by combining a unique management style of decentralization, entrepreneurial spirit, active M&A, and a balanced approach to capital deployment, all with a culture of continuous improvement as embodied in the Carlisle Operating System. Carlisle’s markets include: commercial roofing, agriculture, mining, construction, aerospace, defense, foodservice, healthcare, sanitary maintenance, transportation, industrial, protective coating and auto refinishing. Carlisle’s worldwide team of employees generated $3.7 billion in net sales in 2016. Learn more about Carlisle at

CONTACT: Steven J. Ford
Vice President of Investor Relations, Secretary and General Counsel
Carlisle Companies Inc.
(480) 781-5000

Winter is Coming! Are You Ready?

23 Oct, 2017

I have worked in the Tire Fill Industry for more than 25 years. Each year, a Cold Weather Bulletin is distributed stating that TyrFil™ Flatproofing must be at 72° F before processing. But every year, I have seen the same old problems caused by TyrFil stored and processed at too cold of temperatures. I am going to list a few common problems and the preventive actions for you to take during the colder months, but the TyrFil processor is the main person that can prevent cold weather problems.

Cold Weather Preventative Maintenance Checklist

1. Order TyrFil earlier than usual. Our products are shipped from Cleveland, OH and Chattanooga, TN. TyrFil needs to be at least 72° F for processing. If you receive a tote from Cleveland, its temperature could be 32° F or below and it would take 3-4 days at 72° F for TyrFil to warm up to the correct processing temperature.

2. Store TOTES inside, if possible.

3. If possible, the TOTES that are hooked up to the pumping system should be on a rack or even stacked on top of a couple pallets so heat can circulate around them. Since heat rises, the floor is always the coldest area of the room.

4. Keep everything warm! Buy a THERMOMETER so you will not have to guess the temperature.

5. TIRES need to be pre-stretched. Warm tires will stretch easier. Also, warmth speeds the cure time, so keeping the tires warm before and after filling will help. One tip is to put processed tires on a pallet so they will be off of the cold floor. Another tip would be to keep tires an extra day to ensure they are cured properly to avoid flat-spotting and to obtain optimum physical properties.

6. Viscosity is a measure of a fluids resistance to flow! Temperature is the kryptonite to viscosity. The NUMBER ONE problem is BAD MIX! When you try to pump cold material, the material can get off ratio and fail to reach the physical properties that they are designed to reach, resulting in potential product failure.

7. Pumping TyrFil below 72° F will slow down the filling process (especially pumping through a long valve stem) because of the higher viscosity of cold material, and this will cost your company money due to the extra time it will take to process tires.

8. The thicker viscosity of cold material can add extra pressure on the seals in your pumping system and can cause them to blow which can be a costly repair.

9. If you have a Graco or 7200 pumping system, keeping the ambient temperature around 72° F helps prevent the air motor from freezing. This is caused from moisture in the air lines and when air is compressed and released quickly, it creates a cooling effect. When freezing happens, it can damage O-rings inside the air motor and result in downtime for repair.

10. If you have a Green Machine or AutoFil Machine, cold grind can slow down the filling process. Remember to keep everything warm that pertains to the filling process.

Chuck Morrison
Insides Sales & Tech Service Coordinator

Carlisle Companies to Acquire Accella Performance Materials

2 Oct, 2017
  • Adds over $400 million to Carlisle Construction Materials’ Building Envelope
  • Excellent platform to further penetrate the ~$15B global construction related
    polyurethane market
  • Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) and Liquid Applied Roofing (LAR) markets
    experiencing greater than double-digit growth rates
  • Significant synergies of $30 million expected

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA, October 2, 2017 – Carlisle Companies Incorporated (NYSE:CSL), a global leader in commercial and industrial building envelope products through its Carlisle Construction Materials (CCM) operating segment, announced today that it has entered into a definitive purchase agreement to acquire Accella Performance Materials, the premier specialty polyurethane platform, from Arsenal Capital Partners for $670 million in cash.

Accella Performance Materials offers a wide range of polyurethane products and solutions across a broad diversity of markets and applications. Accella, headquartered in Maryland Heights, Missouri, has annualized revenue of approximately $430 million with pre-synergy estimated transaction EBITDA margins approaching 15%. First year EPS accretion is expected to be $0.09. Transaction EBITDA margins and EPS accretion are defined under “Non-GAAP Measures,” and reconciled to the most directly comparable GAAP financial measures in the related exhibit.

D. Christian “Chris” Koch, Carlisle’s President and Chief Executive Officer, said: “The acquisition of Accella Performance Materials is part of our well-established strategy of providing customers with highquality, innovative solutions for building envelope applications. Accella provides an excellent adjacent opportunity into the attractive polyurethane market, which includes Spray Polyurethane Foam and Liquid Applied Roofing. Both markets are expected to grow annually at 10-15% through 2020, outpacing broader construction market growth. In addition to accessing new products, new technologies and new markets, Accella delivers profitable market diversity to our CCM business.

With the acquisition of Accella, Carlisle can now offer our customers a portfolio of products that meet an increasing array of their building needs, and can be delivered as a seamless solution or standalone offering. The combined Accella and Carlisle team will bring together significant engineering and industry expertise to create highly engineered solutions for our customers. We look forward to welcoming Accella’s talented team to Carlisle.”

Upon completion of the transaction, the business will be reported as part of the CCM segment.

Conference Call and Webcast
The Company will discuss the Accella Performance Materials acquisition on a conference call at 1:00 p.m. ET Tuesday, October 3, 2017. The call may be accessed live by going to the Investor Relations section of the Carlisle website (, or the taped call may be listened to shortly after following the live call at the same website location. A PowerPoint presentation will accompany the call and can be found on the Carlisle website as well. The slides will be posted on October 3, 2017.

Forward-Looking Statements
This press release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Forward-looking statements generally use words such as “expect,” “foresee,” “anticipate,” “believe,” “project,” “should,” “estimate,” “will,” “plans,” “forecast,” and similar expressions, and reflect our expectations concerning the future. It is possible that our future performance may differ materially from current expectations expressed in these forward-looking statements, due to a variety of factors such as: increasing price and product/service competition by foreign and domestic competitors, including new entrants; technological developments and changes; the ability to continue to introduce competitive new products and services on a timely, cost-effective basis; our mix of products/services; increases in raw material costs which cannot be recovered in product pricing; domestic and foreign governmental and public policy changes including environmental and industry regulations; threats associated with and efforts to combat terrorism; protection and validity of patent and other intellectual property rights; the successful integration and identification of our strategic acquisitions; the cyclical nature of our businesses; and the outcome of pending and future litigation and governmental proceedings. In addition, such statements could be affected by general industry and market conditions and growth rates, the condition of the financial and credit markets, and general domestic and international economic conditions including interest rate and currency exchange rate fluctuations. Further, any conflict in the international arena may adversely affect general market conditions and our future performance. We refer you to the documents we file from time to time with the Securities and Exchange Commission, such as our reports on Form 10-K, Form 10-Q and Form 8-K, for a discussion of these and other risks and uncertainties that could cause our actual results to differ materially from our current expectations and from the forward-looking statements contained in this press release. We undertake no obligation to update any forward-looking statement.

Non-GAAP Measures
The following measures are not presented in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (“GAAP”) and should be viewed in addition to, and not as an alternative to, the most directly comparable GAAP measures. Reconciliations of the following non-GAAP measures to the most directly comparable GAAP measures are included in the attached exhibit.

This press release contains a statement that Transaction EBITDA margin is approaching 15% which is calculated by dividing Transaction EBITDA by Accella’s annualized revenue. Transaction EBITDA represents an estimate of Accella’s annualized net income adjusted to exclude interest expense (net of interest income), income taxes, depreciation and amortization, as well as other adjustments related to certain income, costs and expenses, including adjustments to annualize amounts related to recent Accella acquisitions.

In addition, this press release includes a non-GAAP measure of the expected accretive impact of the proposed transaction to Carlisle’s EPS, based on internal projections of the incremental net loss generated by the acquired business in the first twelve months post-acquisition, excluding year one transaction costs.

About Carlisle Companies Incorporated
Carlisle Companies Incorporated is a diversified, global portfolio of niche brands and businesses with highly engineered and high margin products. Carlisle is committed to generating superior shareholder returns by combining a unique management style of decentralization, entrepreneurial spirit, active M&A, and a balanced approach to capital deployment, all with a culture of continuous improvement as embodied in the Carlisle Operating System. Carlisle’s markets include: commercial roofing, agriculture, mining, construction, aerospace, defense, foodservice, healthcare, sanitary maintenance, transportation, industrial, protective coating and auto refinishing. Carlisle’s worldwide team of employees generated $3.7 billion in net sales in 2016. Learn more about Carlisle at

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Carlisle Companies Incorporated
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