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Broken Glass, Nails, Sharp Metal & Rocks Without The Worry Of Flat Tires

13 Jul, 2015

That’s right, Tyrfil is the ultimate solution. No worries, no flats with Tyrfil.

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Superflex Tirefill in Shuttle Car for Underground Mining

1 Jul, 2013

According to Richard Blacker of Bearcat Tyres in Australia, “I have been using Arnco’s SuperFlex foam fill for over a decade now in some of these underground coal mines specifically because of its air like ride” The shuttle car below is fitted with 17.5 – 25 20 ply Solideal Loadmaster tyres.

Pictured: Shuttle Car with Arnco’s Superflex

Superflex Tire Fill for Mine Transporters Down Under!

24 Jun, 2013

Because of its air-like ride, Superflex Tire Fill has remained a success for Bearcat Cammoplast Solideal for underground mining applications. Below is a mine transporter fitted with 12 x 16.5 Solideal Lifemaster tires.

60,000 Trees and counting…

14 Jun, 2013

Through Arnco’s One-Tote-One-Tree program, Arnco is proud to announce that it has planted over 60,000 trees on behalf of its customers. In just a few short years, the business case for becoming a more sustainable chemical manufacturer has proven itself not only by providing customers with innovative new materials and equipment to differentiate their business from the competition, but has also been responsive to growing consumer demand and industry trends.

One Tote One Tree – Plaque & Annual Certificate

Each year, Arnco provides a certificate to its customers that is inserted into a plaque to be displayed at customer location. Featured above from right to left is Arnco’s Joe Negrey with Mark Bloxham, Managing Director of Bearcat Solideal Australia and Arnco’s Mike Fullen with Doug Ogden, OTR Manager for Cross Midwest.

Extending life of 23.5 x 25′s at New Mexico Scrapyard

6 May, 2013

“Before having my tires fill with Arnco Flatproofing, I was only getting about 50% tire life out of my tires before a tire was cut and run flat to destruction. Now I have my operators run them tell the chords show. Getting 100% wear out.”

Want to extend the life of your large OTR tires in harsh conditions? That’s what a TDS location in New Mexico did with Arnco Tire Flatproofing. These Loader tires were 23.5X25 Bias Yokohama L-5 Smooth filled with a blend of urethane and filler for a Loader being used in a “Pick n Pull” scrap yard. The site manager of this location was impressed with the performance and tire life of his loaders filled with Arnco RePneu product.

Pictured: 23.5 x 25 Loader Tires in New Mexico Scrapyard

“Selling Arnco flatproofing has always been an easy sell for me. Saving my customers money in the long haul, stops downtime and solves problems.” TDS OTR Salesman

40,000 Earthmover Tires later – still Flatproofing Loader Tires in Australia!

15 Mar, 2013

Having filled his first set of tires over 30 years ago, Richard Blacker of Bearcat Tyres (now part of Cammoplast Solideal) reckons his company and their dealer network have filled over 40,000 Earthmover tires since 1982. “from size 14.00-24 up to 45/65-45, we have filled them all and not once have we had an issue with a differential, final drive, or even a gearbox”

Bearcat continues to use both RePneu and SuperFlex Arnco Tire Flatproofing on just about every brand of Loaders including Caterpillar, Komatsu, Hyundai, Kawasaki, Volvo, Manitou, and Hitachi

Pictured: Cat 993 Wheel Loader

Using RePneu or SuperFlex for underground mining vechicles

12 Mar, 2013

Using Arnco Tire Flatproofing in underground mining continues to significantly increase productivity and save the mine tens of thousands of dollars in equipment related down time due to damaged or punctured tires. As one of Arnco’s partners, Bearcat Tyre in Australia states, “when an eight hour shift is nearing almost 1/2 million dollars in production, the last thing you want is one-two hour downtime due to tire damage on a shuttle car or LHD loader.”

This is a picture of an Emico LHD fitted with 17.5-25, 20 ply Solideal Loadmaster tyres filled with Arnco SuperFlex at an undground coal mine in New South Wales

Pictured: Eimco LHD with Superflex