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What Rental Industry Trends Mean for OTR Operators – and Tire Fill Dealers

8 Jan, 2018

Many indicators point to a robust year ahead for the construction space – and this, in turn, is good news for our Accella TyrFil™ dealers, OEMs and end-users.

According to the American Rental Association’s ARA Rental Market Monitor™ five-year forecast, which was updated prior to the holidays, total rental revenue in the American marketplace is anticipated to increase by 4.5 percent in 2018 to reach $51.5 billion, 5.5 percent in 2019, 4.9 percent in 2020 and 4.1 percent in 2021.  This is exciting news for the rental marketplace and also bodes well for the non-residential construction and OTR industries.

According to Construction Business Owner magazine, the “projection is based on underlying economic fundamentals that drive construction business, which in turn drives rental of construction, industrial and general tool and light construction equipment.”  These findings portend various take-aways for construction operators and business managers and, subsequently, for Accella dealers, OEMs and customers.

First, it points to the fact that the economics around equipment rentals are positive – exhibiting performance that nearly doubles the growth rate of the economy (something that’s expected to continue).  These numbers also point to steady projections for gross domestic product (GDP) growth over the next several years in the American market of 2.3 percent in 2017, 2.7 percent in 2018 and 2.3 percent in 2019.

Growth of U.S. construction in 2017 is projected to be 5.9, with the top markets being mines and wells (72.1 percent); manufacturing (9.5 percent); commercial (7.0 percent); residential (4.3 percent); and public education (4.0 percent) – followed in lesser degrees by highways and streets, healthcare and public utilities.

According to Scott Hazelton with the industry intelligence firm HIS Markit, “job growth remains strong, GDP growth is solid, consumer confidence is high and housing continues to improve slowly, although construction spending has been flat.”

Second, tax reform could help to accelerate growth further – but its detailed potential impact, along with the wild card of infrastructure spending, present unknowns that could or could not have significant upside.

Third, the findings of the study indicate that renting continues to provide a more reliable option – for the construction, mining and other OTR-equipment dependent industries.  In the wake of the 2008-2009 financial crisis, many operators turned to rental as a viable alternative.  The financial climate at that time, along with the changes in equipment technology and specialization of equipment, have led to the continued increased desirability of renting.  These trends rely on factors such as the notion that a fleet can be expanded or contracted as needed; access to the latest equipment that may be more safety standard compliant; an overall reduction in capital expenses for budget tight operations; access to equipment that is perhaps more readily maintained and also delivered on-site, etc.

All of the above generally create a scenario for the construction equipment marketplace that shows positive forward-looking growth and an outlook of health for the rental equipment market place overall – and this is all promising for the growth of polyurethane tire fill product applications.

Accella TyrFil™ – the most effective tire flatproofing solution in the world – is the industry’s market-leading polyurethane tire filling solution.  TyrFil™ allows industrial vehicles to operate over broken glass, nails, sharp metal and rocks without the worry of flat tires.  For years, the durability of TyrFil™ has been proven in thousands of industrial applications, most prominently in the mining and construction industries.

When speaking about the rental industry in general, John McClelland, chief economist, for the ARA, has noted:  “People continue to realize the benefits of renting and how it can positively impact the bottom line.  As a result, the equipment rental industry continues to outperform the general economy as well as the industries it serves.”  A similar upside is true regarding the use of polyurethane tire fill – and the operators who opt for this reliable, eco-friendly solution (in place of solid apertures) that will help them to manage their bottom line more effectively, while also helping to better preserve their equipment and providing a smoother flatproofed ride that may reduce Whole Body Vibration exposure.

Overall, TyrFil™ is an economic and ergonomic win-win for operators – and the growth of this technology goes hand in hand with the healthy, sustained growth that the rental equipment sector has witnessed.

Here’s to saluting a strong 2018 economic outlook ahead for both of our industries!

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Accella Tire Fill Systems

[Article Sourcing: American Rental Market Monitor and Construction Business Owner Magazine] 

Increase your Tire Flatproofing Know-How at TyrFil™ University

12 Dec, 2017

When it comes to driving sales and increasing product and industry knowledge, it’s never too late to head back to school.  That’s why we established TyrFil™ University – our hands-on training and learning program designed to help our valued polyurethane tire fill dealers increase their annual sales as high as 40 to 65 percent.  Established in 2003, “TyrFil™ U” is guaranteed to help dealers grow their business…and their bottom line.

The program consists of a comprehensive, two-hour interactive presentation led by our TyrFil™ University “Dean” – Mike Fullen, Executive Director of Sales for Accella Tire Fill Systems. The workshop is specifically crafted to provide dealer sales teams with the strategic skills, acumen and confidence to successfully enhance their competitive sell-through – and develop and diversify their customer base.  Additionally, it provides an intimate overview of tire fill’s numerous flatproofing advantages and delivers succinct talking points and messages about the benefits of the technology versus competitive offerings.  The aim:  To ensure that everyone selling TyrFil™ flatproofing out in the field has a detailed knowledge and understanding of the product and the market, so that they can address any product or market inquiry with ease.

Explains Joe Negrey, Vice President of Accella Tire Fill:  “Sales teams who have completed TyrFil U have consistently averaged a strong measurable increase in their annual tire fill sales.  We value our dealer partners immensely and would expect nothing less – we want their experience with our organization, and with our TyrFil™ product, to be rewarding from day one.”

The TyrFil™ U curriculum focuses on everything that an informed field seller would need to know – from the history of the tire fill, commonly known in the industry as foam fill, marketplace, to product and operational logistics, to TyrFil™ materials handling requirements and recommended applications, to the recycling and environmental protection advantages of Accella’s Green Machine and patented AutoFil processing equipment.  The program also addresses the ways that polyurethane tire fill absorbs g-force vibration transmission to reduce exposure to the unwanted effects of Whole Body Vibration (WBV) compared to the alternative, solid aperture tires. Solid aperture tires provide a rougher, bumpier ride known as Solid Shock that may have a negative impact on Off-the-Road heavy equipment operators, as well as their equipment.

Other specific topics discussed at Accella’s TyrFil™ University include:

  • TyrFil™ Flatproofing Product Information
  • Tire Filling Process
  • Evolution of Flatproofing
  • Matching TyrFil™ Products to Applications
  • Tire Pressurization
  • Proper Tire Filling Procedures
  • Weight Estimation Tool
  • Flatproofing Failure Modes
  • Keys to Successful Performance
  • OEM Approvals
  • Recycling Equipment
  • TyrFil™ Flatproofing Markets
  • Sales Support
  • Sales Techniques
  • The TyrFil™ Flatproofing Sale

“Having the proper information in business – as in life – can render game changing results,” adds Negrey.  “We believe it’s absolutely essential to arm our dealers with every available sales tool and element of product knowledge so that when they face a competitive sales pitch, they knock it out of the park.  Our TyrFil™ University program is proven to be highly successful in helping our valued tire fill dealers fuel their business growth and directly spike sales.”

Participation in TyrFil™ U also gives especially new tire fill dealers an overview and introduction to the Accella leadership and technical teams, factory locations, and international customer service support tools and resources.  It also drills deeply into each TyrFil™ offering – including TyrFil™ HeviDuty, TyrFil™ Ultra, TyrFil™ Pro, TyrFil™ Flex and TyrFil™ Premium – and delivers a primer on Accella’s ancillary tire product lines, including our TLC Tire and Rim Protection, ReSeal Tire Protection, and Carefree Tires (micro-cellular polyurethane tires designed for the material handling, medical mobility, and lawn & garden industries).

The interactive presentation also addresses Accella’s protocols surrounding timely tire flatproofing industry issues and discussions. Topics addressed include our brand’s assurances and protocols related to reducing “chunking” practices in our industry, as well as a review of recent field study data regarding the lessened g-force impact of polyurethane tire fill technology.

If you’re an Accella Tire Fill dealer, we know that you won’t want to miss any opportunity to arm your sales team with the toolkit and knowledge they need to maximize sales.  TyrFil™ U provides the ideal forum for everyone within your operation who is selling Accella’s flatproofing technology solution to start capturing and winning new leads and further excelling business growth.  We hope to see you soon in class, and please feel free to refer an industry friend or colleague to this informative program.

For more information of TyrFil™ University, please visit or contact your Regional Sales Manager.

The Accella Tire Fill Team


Accella TyrFil™ Flatproofing: Making a Difference on the Ground in the Iraqi Military Theater

21 Sep, 2017

Accella TyrFil™ polyurethane fill product line for pneumatic tires is well known to make a measurable fiscal and operational impact on Off-the-Road (OTR) heavy equipment productivity and safety in applications including construction, mining and material handling. But it may not be as widely known that our Accella TyrFil™ flatproofing technology has positively supported military endeavors on the other side of the globe for nearly 50 years.

TyrFil™ flatproofing is military-approved and has been battle-tested again and again to ensure that it’s the most reliable flatproofing technology in the industry—offering trusted support for vehicles and their tires in even extreme scenarios such as small arms fire assaults, IED blasts and driving over jagged rocks, glass, debris and rebar.  Because of the durability of tires filled with TyrFil™ flatproofing, they can handle unusual levels of wear and tear that traditional pneumatics cannot, plus they deliver a far smoother, less bumpy ride than solid aperture tires – making them more comfortable and safer for operators.

Accella recently received positive feedback regarding the successful performance of its TyrFil™ RePneuTV-filled 966H Wheel Loader installation in the war theater in Iraq.  Local Iraqi operatives fighting Islamic State terrorist forces frequently use front wheel loaders (aka bulldozers) as substitute makeshift super “tanks”. Unlike other breaching equipment, such as specialized explosives or specifically outfitted tanks, bulldozers can clear obstacles while creating ad hoc defenses.  This type of equipment, which the Iraqi military bolsters with additional armaments, has been used successfully in the battles to secure Ramadi, Fallujah, and eastern Mosul.

Even if the vehicle sustains considerable small arms fire damage, it will be able to continue to carry out its dangerous mission behind enemy lines – in large part because of the tires it is riding on.  Accella’s flatproofing technology help to keep the loader mobile and operational throughout the course of its duty.  Clearly, any traditional or reconfigured military vehicle without an ironclad tire flatproofing solution would be rendered useless and ineffective, leaving offensive troops quickly vulnerable.

This is just one of many examples of unique “in the field” performance where Accella’s TyrFil™ flatproofing technology is front and center stage – playing a pivotal role in ensuring the effectiveness of the tire…and the vehicle.  Because of its ability to safeguard tires from wear/tear and denigration, tires filled with TyrFil™ flatproofing can weather innumerable harsh conditions, making Accella’s flatproofing technology a game-changing solution—whether it’s for commercial, industrial or military applications.

Added Accella Tire Fill Systems Vice President Joe Negrey:  “Our polyurethane tire fill, marketed as TyrFil™, is extremely resilient and can withstand extreme tire damage under myriad dangerous conditions.  This performance translates directly to ensuring better vehicle operator safety.  We hope that our commercial and industrial customers won’t ever need to withstand the same ‘rigors of battle’ on the job that military forces must endure.  But if they do, our customer-operators can rest assured they’re sending out their OTR vehicles equipped with the most reliable tire flatproofing technology on the market.”

Because of the field performance of TyrFil™ in Iraq’s street skirmish warfare – Caterpillar (the supplier of the 996H Wheel Loader) recently placed additional orders for filled assemblies – another example of why Accella Tire Fill Systems and its branded TyrFil™ flatproofing product line have become the definitive “go to” source for the polyurethane tire fill industry worldwide.

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TyrFil™ Ultra Keeps Automated Equipment Rolling at the QingDao AGV Port

28 Aug, 2017

QingDao AGV Project is the first Automated Operation Port in Asia. Tire failures pose big problems at an automated port because no one is allowed to go inside during operational hours for tire maintenance, resulting in increased downtime. Due to the heavy loads and long operating hours, the QingDao AGV Port was experiencing numerous tire failures, bead cracks and sidewall damage.  These tire failures were also causing damage to the equipment resulting in additional downtime and repair costs. After consulting with Accella Tire Fill Systems and Jiaxing Uniwell Hi-Tech Material, Inc. for a solution to these tire-related problems, the QingDao AGV Port agreed to test TyrFil™ Ultra Flatproofing in 18.00-25 sized tires on the ZPMC Reach Stacker and RGT equipment.

The results were significant. Not only were tire failures eliminated, but there were also several additional benefits of using TyrFil™ Ultra. Since the QingDao AGV Port is battery operated, maximizing battery life is of upmost importance. Rolling resistance is one major culprit of draining a battery.  TyrFil™ Ultra reduces tire deflection which decreases rolling resistance, therefore; increasing battery life and providing easier steering. Additionally, TyrFil™ Ultra provides better breaking ability allowing the AGV Equipment to stop at the right point to receive the container. Lastly, TyrFil™ Ultra offers improved stability and increased shock absorption easing stress on equipment components.

Click here to view detailed testing data and information.

TyrFil™ Ultra is the Solution for Automated Equipment:

  • Eliminates maintenance due to tire failures
  • Promotes safety by eliminating tire blow-outs
  • Improves equipment stability with increased traction
  • Reduces brake-slipping compared to pneumatic tires

QingDao Port Managers were satisfied with the testing results and approved TyrFil™ Ultra to be widely used at the port. The enhanced endurance of a pneumatic tire filled with TyrFil™ flatproofing provides the overall best ROI.

TyrFil™ – It’s What’s Inside That Counts! For more information, please visit

TyrFil: It’s What’s Inside That Counts!

18 Jul, 2017

Accella’s market-leading polyurethane tire fill, commonly referred to in the industry as foam fill, offers the most cost effective tire flatproofing solution for commercial and industrial heavy equipment. Formulated for improved safety and productivity, tires filled with TyrFil™ flatproofing will never go flat, even in the most hazardous and rugged environments. Our TyrFil™ flatproofing solution has led the industry for the past four decades. This patented formula ensures that heavy equipment can easily glide over the rocks, glass, rebar and other elements that are typically found in construction or Off-the-Road (OTR) applications. TyrFil™ flatproofing use directly saves time and money for field operators and with the lowest g-force transmission, it can help protect equipment operators from the repetitive motion injury of Whole Body Vibration (WBV).

TyrFil™ flatproofing was developed nearly 50 years ago – and it’s a solution that is backed with some of the best chemistry and R&D in the industry. TyrFil™ flatproofing can be easily pumped into any pneumatic tire to replace air with a resilient, synthetic elastomer core that will eliminate flats, and vastly reduce tire wear, tear and denigration. TyrFil™ flatproofing also delivers the reliability required for rigorous applications ranging from mining, to agri-business, to construction, to military use.

Additionally, TyrFil™ flatproofing is a sustainable choice. During the past few years, Accella Tire Fill Systems has proved that innovation and sustainability can coexist and become a competitive advantage. By using one of our tire fill recycling systems, virgin TyrFil™ flatproofing can be mixed with either used tire fill, crumb rubber, or even previously mixed material, eliminating the environmental impact of sending used polyurethane and used rubber to the landfill. Accella is committed to continuously developing new tire fill products and systems that reduce our customers’ carbon footprint.

So, why is it what’s inside that counts?
Quality Formulas and Best Practice Materials Handling = High Performance

Plain and simple, quality formulas and best practice tire filling methods determine the integrity and success of the entire TyrFil™ flatproofing solution. TyrFil™ flatproofing is offered to the marketplace in different grades designed to accommodate a particular load, along with specific ride and traction requirements for a given application. A properly filled pneumatic tire provides a smoother quality ride that eliminates the “rough ride” often delivered by solid aperture tires. A smoother ride eases back, neck and head strain and can protect the equipment operator from WBV and other occupational safety issues related to the “jarring” of the human body. It also eliminates flat tires in OTR conditions that could impair equipment stability – and disrupt productivity.

For this reason, following best practice materials handling protocol is absolutely essential.

Our company Accella Tire Fill Systems – formerly ArncoPathway – has been committed for the past 40 years to adhering to and advancing industry best practices when it comes to polyurethane flatproofing technology. We believe this commitment to quality benefits and supports the entire polyurethane tire fill and OTR heavy equipment sector, not just our own brand.

Our industry, just like any industry, has gone through an evolution over the decades – constantly working to improve gold standard expectations and to advance protocols. Practices that were once viewed as being acceptable and bringing added value to customers have since been debunked. These include the practice known in the industry as “chunking” – or mixing non-pure materials into the polyurethane tire fill formula to defray overhead and production costs. From a technical perspective, chunking is the process of cutting up large polyurethane flatproofing scraps from previously discarded tire filled carcasses and utilizing them and/or other materials in new carcasses, encapsulated in polyurethane liquid tire fill.

Not only is this practice unethical, it’s unsafe. It most importantly risks the stability of tire fill’s performance – and also, sadly, has cost many valued reputations within the tire fill industry, affecting dealers by negative association who were not to blame. Dealers who were 100 percent in compliance with materials handling protocols and committed only to delivering a product constitution with the highest quality suffered because of the lingering bad practices of a minority of industry participants – and this is unfortunate.

Accella Tire Systems and its entire network of dealers would like to change these misnomers. Our TyrFil™ flatproofing product line is developed with the utmost integrity and quality assurance. We believe that proper materials handling is absolutely critical. Our dealers go through a rigorous training and certification process to assure the highest standards of production and technical compliance and performance. That’s why we take our moniker – “It’s What Inside That Counts” very seriously.

But when standards are compromised, it can affect an entire industry. That’s why Accella remains dedicated to playing a strong role in advancing product integrity and proper materials compliance across our category, in the same way that other gold standard bearers in the industry, such as the Tire Industry Association, continually advocate for safety throughout the tire industry.

Accella invites ALL within our industry space to work together to take our category to the next level and ensure that best practices for materials handling finally become synonymous with today’s tire fill technology, a flatproofing platform whose time has come and that offers tremendous economic and safety advantages to the marketplace.

TyrFil – It’s What’s Inside That Counts!

TyrFil® RePneu II Used in Mega Transporter in Construction of New Champlain Bridge

24 Aug, 2016

The Champlain Bridge in Montreal, QC was first constructed in 1962. With nearly 160,000 daily crossings the bridge is the busiest single-span bridge in Canada. Over time however, with that much traffic and with deteriorating structures due to weather, fixing the bridge became too expensive and exhaustive. In 2008 Transport Canada decided to build a replacement bridge, and released a tender to complete the bridge before 2020.

This new bridge would be 10 lanes, and would be made of materials that would not deteriorate due to weather conditions. The St Lawrence Construction Group won the bid and in 2015 began actual construction on the bridge in late 2015. One of the members of their group, SNL Lavelin, contracted out a concrete Mega Transporter to Dorman Long out of the UK.

Dorman Long’s DL-MT1000 Mega Transporter was the ideal solution for this bridge. It would haul the concrete pieces across the span in order to build the bridge. A 1000-ton capacity, 2.5m stroke jack-up system for handling precast concrete sections of the New Champlain Bridge side spans was also required.

The Mega Transporter had 40 Dunlop Tires which were specifically designed for this machine. It is able to drive around a curve, drive diagonally and rotate about its centre point (carousel) at a full load speed of 1 km/hr and an unloaded speed of 3 km/hr.

For safety reasons and to eliminate downtime, Dorman Long researched the best way to fill these tires. After consultation with several Accella Technical and Sales Representatives in both Europe and North America, it was decided that the 40 tires on the transporter would be filled with RePneu II. RePneu II’s unique formulation is designed to handle both the weight and speeds reached by the Transporter and was an ideal solution for increasing safety on the project. In late January 2016, 40 of these tires were filled using a TyrFil Flushless II pump at a long-standing customer of Mersinco’s – Pneus ICM in Montreal, QC. Jean LaPointe, Manager of Pneus ICM, ensured the project ran smoothly and finished on time. The tires were required to be filled at 214 PSI all 40 were filled in 10 days.

The Mega Transporter is now on-site at the bridge location, and has been used in the early stages of the project. In fact, in February the first concrete footing was moved into place (shown below) and our contact at Dorman Long has assured us that there have been no issues with the filled tires and he is confident they will effectively serve their project.

The bridge is scheduled to be completed in late 2018 at a total cost of $4.239 billion.

Construction Foremen Request TyrFil on Rental Equipment for Improved Safety and Traction

21 Aug, 2015

Construction jobsites not only demand a tire flatproofing solution, but also one that improves safety and traction. When riding on uneven terrain and slopes, construction foremen trust TyrFil to keep their equipment operators safe. Tire-filled pneumatics, commonly known in the industry as foam-fill, have better traction and increased deflection compared to solid aperture tires. “I rent quite a few man-lifts for all of my projects, and I always request “foam-filled” tires”, said a construction foreman currently working on a football stadium expansion in Iowa. He went on to state “pneumatics with foam-fill are a better safety option on the jobsite.” Tire-filled pneumatics allow 30-46% more deflection compared to solid aperture tires increasing traction and improving stability.

At another construction jobsite in Utah, the foreman rents telehandlers only with tire-filled pneumatics. The foreman knows he can count on TyrFil to provide the traction and stability necessary for the telehandlers to safely climb over boards to lift the load to the next level. “Solid tires do not have the “give” that these filled-tires have”, said the equipment operator. He has experienced both tire-filled pneumatics and solid aperture tires on a telehandler. He states “in addition to more traction and stability, I like the ride much better than solid tires; it is a lot easier on my lower back”. This smoother ride is a result of the increased deflection that tire-filled pneumatics provide because it decreases G-force impact. Lower back pain and whole body vibration are often a result of excessive G-force transmissions from solid aperture tires. This is what is known in the industry as – Solid Shock!

Contractors working on construction jobsites understand that safety is a top priority, and this is why they request the only tire flatproofing solution that was specifically formulated with safety in mind: TyrFil. It’s What’s Inside that Counts!

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Broken Glass, Nails, Sharp Metal & Rocks Without The Worry Of Flat Tires

13 Jul, 2015

That’s right, Tyrfil is the ultimate solution. No worries, no flats with Tyrfil.

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Waste Transfer Station Saves $100,000 on Tire Expenses by Swapping Out Solid Aperture Tires for Tire Fill

21 May, 2015

Front end loaders in the waste transfer application are tough on tires and demand a tire flatproofing solution. Initially, this waste transfer station was using solid aperture tires. When the facility manager was asked about his experience with solids, he stated “I was receiving many complaints of lower back pain from my equipment operators”. Lower back pain and whole body vibration are often a result of excessive G-force transmissions from solid aperture tires. This is what is known in the industry as – Solid Shock!

In addition to Solid Shock, the solid aperture tires were not providing enough traction. The facility manager discussed both of these problems with his local ArncoPathway tire dealer. They informed him that solid aperture tires have limited tread pattern and durometer (hardness) options, and recommended purchasing a premium 26.5XR25 pneumatic tire filled with TyrFil inside. Often referred to as foam fill, tire fill is the only customizable tire flatproofing solution that offers multiple choices of tread pattern, durometer, and tire pressure options.

The manager decided to make the switch from solid aperture tires to tire-filled pneumatics on their two front end loaders. Not only were the Solid Shock and traction problems solved, but over the long run, it was discovered that TyrFil is also the cost-effective flatproofing solution. New tire-filled pneumatics will run for 1200 hours in this application compared to 800 hours with solid aperture tires, increasing tire performance by 50-percent. Additionally, this location is retreading these tire-filled pneumatics twice at almost half the price of purchasing two new solid tires. The retreads with tire fill still outperform the solid aperture tires with longer run times.

Compared to solid aperture tires, TyrFil offers improved tire performance and a 40-percent lower cost of ownership over the life of the tire resulting in significant cost savings. This waste transfer station saved $100,000 on the tire expense for two front loaders. Also, just by making the switch from solid aperture tires to TyrFil this waste transfer station experienced the following benefits: increased operator safety, improved traction, and longer tire life. TyrFil – It’s What’s Inside That Counts!

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Road Sweeper – No Downtime in Las Vegas!

12 May, 2014

GCR Tires & Service in Las Vegas, NV recently experienced great success using TyrFil for a Barber Road Rake. The Road Rake is a pull behind Road Sweeper. Before using TyrFil, the operator experienced many flats and lots of downtime, resulting in lost productivity. The Tires on the vehicle are size 235/85R/16. The tires were filled with TyrFil G2 and recycled material.  Once they stated filling the tires at the GCR location in Las  Vegas, the end user reports that all tire related issues have been eliminated.

Bernardo Renteria, Supply Tech III for District I DOT for the State of Nevada said, “Once we started using TyrFil for these tires, we have zero issues. This is the only way to go with these sweepers.” It has been so successful; they have been filling these tires for the past 8 to 10 years