Number of trees Accella Tire Fill Systems has planted through our Sustainability program:

As the industry leader in tire flatproofing solutions for more than 40 years, Accella Tire Fill Systems has made providing environmentally supportive products a long-term strategic business priority. As a zero waste, zero emission manufacturer, Accella Tire Fill Systems has proved that innovation and sustainability can coexist and become a competitive advantage.

During the past few years, Accella Tire Fill Systems has introduced next generation technology that significantly reduces the usage of oil, petrochemicals, toxic metals, and other environmentally harmful compounds. Accella Tire Fill Systems’ sustainability initiatives have resulted in safer manufacturing environments for our employees and our customers. Also, unlike solid tires, tire fill material is recyclable.

We have created technologies that not only promote sustainability but also offer cost-effective benefits for our customers. Tire fill maximizes tire life and allows end-users to increase productivity. Also, a filled tire can be retreaded up to four times without sacrificing performance. Consequently, these benefits of tire fill eliminate tens of millions of tires from reaching landfills.

landfill (1)Accella Tire Fill Systems promotes used-tire recycling by using recycled used tires in our patented AutoFil Recycler Machine and Rubber Crumb System technologies. Using rubber crumb enables our customers and end-users to become more efficient and responsive to the increasing demand for greener products by their customers. Additionally, 100% of TyrFil used in foam-filled tire assemblies can be reclaimed and reused.

We are committed to continuously developing new tire fill products and systems that reduce our customer’s carbon footprint. The H2O40 – TyrFil Green product line is just one example. This new tire fill was specifically developed for the aerial work platform (AWP) applications. As the name applies, this product is a water-based material that increases the sustainable material content to 70 percent. Also, since a water-based material lessens the dependence on oil and its accompanying volatile pricing, it saves you money and the environment at the same time.

However, we at Accella Tire Fill Systems realize that there is only so much we can accomplish on our own and this is why we have strategically combined our success with our customer’s by partnering with American Forests This partnership led to us establishing our “One Tote, One Tree” program. This program plants a new tree for every tote of product purchased by our customers. To date, we have planted more than 90,000 trees and counting. Please visit for additional information.

Accella Tire Fill Systems’ most recent white paper, Sustainability in the Tire Industry: Sustainable Development Through Tire Flatproofing Technology, contains detailed information about the company’s recycling efforts and progress.