The most reliable & effective tire flatproofing technology in the world.

The market-leading polyurethane tire filling solution, TyrFil allows industrial equipment to operate over broken glass, nails, sharp metal and rocks without the worry of flat tires. For years, the durability of TyrFil has been proven in thousands of industrial and military applications including construction and mining applications.

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Tire Flatproofing Technology for a Cleaner, Friendlier Planet

Recently featured in Access International Magazine. Tires are an integral part of moving industry, and our economy, forward – and they’re absolutely fundamental to a functioning international infrastructure.  Global transportation, of course, wouldn’t be possible without them, nor would the operation of Off-the-Road (OTR) heavy equipment vehicles that facilitate construction, agribusiness, and other essential avenues […]

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What Rental Industry Trends Mean for OTR Operators – and Tire Fill Dealers

Many indicators point to a robust year ahead for the construction space – and this, in turn, is good news for our Accella TyrFil™ dealers, OEMs and end-users. According to the American Rental Association’s ARA Rental Market Monitor™ five-year forecast, which was updated prior to the holidays, total rental revenue in the American marketplace is […]

8 Jan, 2018 READ MORE >

Increase your Tire Flatproofing Know-How at TyrFil™ University

When it comes to driving sales and increasing product and industry knowledge, it’s never too late to head back to school.  That’s why we established TyrFil™ University – our hands-on training and learning program designed to help our valued polyurethane tire fill dealers increase their annual sales as high as 40 to 65 percent.  Established […]

12 Dec, 2017 READ MORE >